Month: June 2014

Sight Words!!!!!!!!!!

Sight words are those tricky little words in English that we learn almost entirely by listening to the language spoken. But for people learning a second language they need to be memorized. Examples are: look, I, make, see, come, help, my, in and it (and about 30 more...

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Sight Word Bingo

For next week we found Sight Word Bingo games with cards for the kids and larger flash cards with English and Spanish for the volunteer to call from. As the students are searching their cards for the new words the volunteer will speak a simple sentence with each word,...

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Rainy Day class at DIF School

Rain has been falling heavily for days now in Playa del Carmen but the KKIS volunteers are still coming. We arrived at school on Tuesday only to discover that the government had cancelled all school classes for the day. About 15 students had showed up anyway so we...

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Dedicated Volunteers

A huge thank you goes out to all those who have helped The KKIS Project in it's effort to teach English at the DIF School in Playa del Carmen these past two months. There have been frustrations like the room not being available when we arrive or the students not being...

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