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Education in Motion – Teachers taking action

Teachers promote action in public education in Playa del Carmen. They call it Eduactiva.

Teacher Mike Humberto Balam Pinto is one of the founders of Eduactiva. He shared with us more about this unique project.

What is Eduactiva?

It’s a project that started six years ago with three teachers who wanted to create spaces where children could have the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned in their class room.

We run three contests: Mathematic Challenge, Spanish Spelling Bee and English Spelling Bee.

Through these contests, Eduactiva is making a positive impact in a community of 6,000 students from 12 different schools.

“Static knowledge is useless. We need to move it, that’s why we’re called Eduactiva, active education, education in motion”.

What inspired you to create Eduactiva?

We’re trying to reach students who would otherwise be left behind and students who really excel. We felt we had to take an extra step. 

What do you mean by students left behind?

Eight year old kids who don’t know how to read, write, add or subtract.

In a classroom of 35 students, most of them advance in the same speed and level, but there are always some who fall behind. These students will pass on to second grade, then third, then fourth. They will finish primary and secondary school and they will always stay behind. It is this profile of an individual that becomes a social outcast or a criminal.

Our only weapon to end with the violence that surrounds us today is education. This is the only way to give our kids a promising future, one where they can succeed.

“I like to think that I’m one of those teachers dedicated to rescuing these kids. I focus on those students who are often forgotten in their classrooms”, Mike Balam.

How do you engage your students?

Authoritarian classrooms block students’ creativity. I don’t work that way, I work with harmony. I like to work with kids. If you come to my classroom and it’s messy, that means they are participating in their learning and working on their creativity, not sitting the entire day without moving.

We need to educate children in an affective way, in a way that they care for you and say: “thank you, teacher”. To change the lives of each and every child is an important job.

If a student cares for you as a teacher is a huge deal, specially when they’re kids that have no love. Some of our children were abandoned by their parents and have to live with their grandmother, at an age that she can’t look after them or provide what they need, so they seek for attention.

“The way we influence kids in our classrooms is a big deal”, according to teacher Mike.

A big thank you to all the teachers from KISS!

We all the impact good teachers can have in our lives. We can’t thank teachers enough for dedicating their time to changing the lives of students. The entire team at KKIS feels honored to help teachers like Mike, Luis and Carlos. With initiatives like this, we can turn around the future of our children.

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