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Boxes, Shelves, Bins and Pallets of KKIS Bags

Posted by robinkw on August 21, 2017
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Many, many volunteer hours have accomplished the task of packing 2,913 KKIS bags with school supplies for public school students in Playa del Carmen over the past three weeks. Pencil cases were packed first with small items such as pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, highlighters and glue sticks. These were stored for use in larger KKIS bags – some printed with the logos of sponsoring companies Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and SIMCA Desarrollas – which contained spiral notebooks, pocket folders, colored pencils, calculators, colored markers, scissors and a geometry set.

Several teachers from the US and Canada gathered lightly used school supplies and donated them to KKIS. Volunteers sorted through the boxes of supplies and created a zip lock bag for teachers at several of the schools we help.

Donated lightly used school supplies divided into bags for teachers.

Filled student bags were packed into plastic fruit boxes and stacked around the walls of the back room at KKIS headquarters or had the handles tied together into groups of 5 and were stacked on shelves made from donated doors and paint buckets, shelving units and pallets that were stored in our very generous neighbor’s living room next door. Thanks to Ron Dunlap!

The bags are all packed now and tomorrow we begin delivery to six public schools. Rain is threatening but we have ponchos, tarps and bungy cords ready. A neighborhood business has offered the use of their high sided truck for the week and we have several pick up trucks promised so KKIS is ready to roll.

Job well done by many dedicated KKIS volunteers.  Thanks!

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