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What Motivates Us

The average person in Mexico is educated to the 9th grade level.  For communities in which we work, it is often less. In some cases, parents don’t read.  So for a child born into such an environment, the type of future that an education promises, is somewhat unfathomable.

What We Do About It

Connection to a supportive community makes a world of difference to students, teachers and administrators. KKIS facilitates connections for all grade levels from primary through university.

KKIS has brought inspirational speakers to schools, advisors to our high school scholars, negotiated contracts with 4 Universities granting students deep discounts on tuition and introduced students to businesses in the community.

How It Helps

We see connections as a benefit of working hard and staying in school.  Meeting people outside of one’s world, allows relationships to be built, new information to come in and most often, an inspired student stays in school.