6 Best Playa del Carmen Brewery and Wine Bars

Needing a break from all the tequila and mezcal offerings while you’re in Mexico? Bookmark this list of the KKIS’s Playa del Carmen brewery and bar recommendations to enjoy a craft beer or glass of wine. ... Continue Reading »
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Needing a break from all the tequila and mezcal offerings while you’re in Mexico? Bookmark this list of the KKIS’s Playa del Carmen brewery recommendations to enjoy a craft beer or glass of wine.

Best Playa Del Carmen Brewery and Wine Bars

There are so many restaurants and bars that offer cocktails and drinks, but if you’re looking for a place where they take their wine list and cerveza more seriously, then we’ve got your back. Recent times have seen the growth of specialist wine bars and craft beer bars in Playa del Carmen

Let us help you as we’ve taken the time to try out many and are happy to share our 6 favorite Playa Del Carmen brewery and wine bars.

Fuera de la vid

Calle 40 y Avenida 5

Off the Vine is wine store in Playa Del Carmen where you can also drink it too! Their original location is situated on lively Fifth Avenue. Their wine list is very accessible no matter your budget with bottles starting at 300 pesos ($15US). The service is friendly and relaxed while still being timely.

If you need a break from the heat, they offer tables indoors with air conditioning but also have tables outside to enjoy the fresh breeze and watch the streams of people strolling down Fifth Avenue. Another perk of sitting outside is the rotation of local performers that stop by to play a set. There are many talented musicians in the town and Off The Vine is a favorite spot from violinists and guitarists to play as you sip!

Acompaña tu botella de vino favorita con una de sus bandejas de quesos y embutidos dignas de Instagram para una velada perfecta, para una cita nocturna o con amigos.

¿Te alojas en la zona de Playacar y no te apetece ir al centro todas las noches? Off The Vine acaba de abrir un segundo local en la autopista, justo a las afueras. El local de Playacar ofrece una variedad de aperitivos y platos principales al igual que el local original.

wine bar playa del carmen

Vino en punto

Avenida Constituyentes y Avenida 90, Ejidal

Looking for live music while you enjoy a glass or bottle of wine? Wine O’Clock is your place! As well as wine tastings and a delicious food menu, they offer live music every Monday through Saturday after 8:00 at their primary location in the Ejidal neighborhood.

Recientemente abrieron un segundo local de tamaño bolsillo en el barrio de la Colonia Hollywood, en el centro de PDC, ubicado en Calle 22 entre Avenida 25 y 30. Este encantador bar de vinos se especializa en vinos mexicanos y franceses.

If you call Playa Del Carmen home, we recommend joining their wine club which includes free wine tastings and discounts on bottles of wine on Fridays plus other perks. Service is superb with knowledgeable and attentive waitstaff making this wine bar a with expats and locals.

As it is so popular, it is recommended to make reservations when visiting either location.

Colectivo Mexicano Cervecero

Avenida 5 entre Calle 40 y 42

Located across the street from Off the Vine on 5th Avenue, Colectivo Mexicano Cervecero is a convenient prequel to a wine night at Off the Vine. They offer 8 craft beers on draft that are all served ice cold, if you are a beer geek, we highly recommend CMC Brewery Playa Del Carmen.

The staff is happy to offer recommendations based on your beer preferences and after ordering 3 craft beers, we couldn’t pick a favorite!

If you’ve overserved yourself and need a snack or even a full meal, you can also grab a bite here too. Our recommendation is the burger, served with delicious shoestring cut French fries.

The great food and local brewery beer accompanied by live music on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays make this a favorite to go visit with a group of friends for a relaxed evening together.

Remember – the Playa del Carmen drinking age is 18, not 21 like it is in the US!playa del carmen brewery

Chela De Playa

Avenida 38 entre Avenida 5 y La Playa

Interested in locally crafted beer? Chela De Playa is a Playa Del Carmen brewery to check out!

Nestled right on Fifth Avenue, the ambiance at this quaint cerveceria is unmatched. The outdoor seating area is located under a massive banyan tree that offers shade for guests who come before sunset. There is also a small cenote onsite with tables overlooking it.

Chela De Playa offers their beers in pints and in tasting portions so you can try a sample before committing. Their staff is well trained and offer fast service even on their busiest nights. Their beer offerings include a Kolsch which is our favorite as its light and the perfect complement to the hot Playa afternoons. They also make an American Pale Ale, White IPA with citrus notes, and for those who prefer a heavier beer a porter.

They also offer snacks if you need to slow your buzz down, tacos, and burgers. Want a nightcap that isn’t beer? They also have a fully staffed bar. This Playa Del Carmen craft beer bar has something for everyone in your group. They also have happy hour each day!

Club De Cerveza Playa Del Carmen

Avenue 5 entre Calle 34 y 38

Looking for craft beer in Playa del Carmen? Or an IPA that comes from a remote region of the globe? Check our Club de la Cerveza on 5th Avenue.

This bar is jam packed with different beers and lagers from all over the world, with so many options on the menu, you’ll need more than a night to get through them all! Plus, the intimate table settings make it great for a catch up with friends, or for people watching along la Quinta.

To line your stomach, they also offer some great bar snacks too. Their German sausage is highly rated and they also have some of the crunchiest onion rings in town!

brewery playa del carmen


Calle 26 entre Avenida 5 y 10

Este íntimo bar de vinos y cócteles es perfecto para una cita nocturna o para una divertida velada con amigos. El personal es paciente y se toma su tiempo para explicarte cada plato y cada elección de vino, haciendo de tu noche una experiencia memorable. Saben estar disponibles cuando se les necesita sin agobiar al cliente para que pueda disfrutar de su compañía en la mesa.

Come for happy hour and stay for their creative dinner offerings. Common happy hour specials include 2×1 on Aperol Spritz and 30% off bottles of wine.

Other can’t miss items on the menu include their homemade limoncello and ice creams. Caruso’s has a well-balanced wine list specializing in Italian wines and is a must-visit while staying in Playa Del Carmen.

Apoya a tu comunidad Playa

Before you enjoy an evening out at one of the best wine bars or grab an ice-cold beer at our favorite Playa del Carmen brewery, have you considered how you can impact the local community?

Como turistas y viajeros, pueden tener un gran impacto en Playa del Carmen y no les costará mucho. ¿Sabías que el bachillerato no es gratuito en México? Muchos viajeros ven la pobreza a su alrededor y quieren ayudar, pero no están seguros de cuál es la mejor manera.

Keeping Kids in School Project es una organización sin ánimo de lucro con sede en Playa del Carmen que cree que la educación es un derecho humano. Muchas familias en México luchan por encontrar el dinero extra para pagar la escuela, los útiles y los uniformes. Hay muchas formas de ayudar, como donar tu tiempo o gastar 2 dólares al día para apadrinar a un estudiante.

Click here to see the different ways you can support the community and impact the lives of the youth of Playa del Carmen.


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