Las 5 mejores coctelerías de Playa del Carmen

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on: August 10, 2023

There’s no better feeling on a sunny afternoon in the Caribbean than sipping on a finely crafted cocktail that’s been shaken to perfection. But whether you’re interested in a classic piña colada, or prefer a modern espresso martini, where should you visit to find the best cocktails in Playa del Carmen?

Our list will reveal the 5 best bars in Playa de Carmen for cocktails that will leave you both shaken and stirred!

Aereo Café Bar

Avenida 15 sur entre Calle 1 sur y 3 sur

Top of our list of best cocktails bars in Playa del Carmen HAS to be Aereo Café Bar. This hidden gem is on the outskirts of central Playa (close to the airstrip) but is well worth the trip for cocktail connoisseurs.

This place takes drink-making seriously and employs top bartenders to ensure quality in every cocktail they serve. They regularly take their bar team to cocktail-making events to show off their skills, and also have special nights with guest bartenders flown in from around the globe to craft special creations just for you.

Even though they seem higher end, they also have great promotions and happy hours daily to check out! It’s one of our favorite Playa del Carmen bars to spend an evening at, listening to live jazz or just unwinding with friends. The food is also delicious too.

For a different vibe, you can also check out the hidden ‘Speakeasy’ bar they have hidden behind the secret bookcase.

bars playa del carmen


Calle 38 entre Avenida 5 y la Playa

For an enchanting bar with an outdoor ambiance, you need to go to Trujillos. This cute eatery is among those on the popular tree-lined 38th Street, between Fifth Avenue and the beach. Follow the smell of the cleansing copal smoke that wafts around the bar and you’re in the right place!

This place combines Mexican style and ingredients in both its food menu and mixology, making it a great Playa del Carmen bar to hit for a date night or evening with friends.

It can be a little loud but, there is also a hidden upper platform you can enjoy cocktails on, among the trees of the jungle. For vegan cocktail enthusiasts, they also have a great range of ‘sours’ made with aquafaba (which is a kind of chickpea water!) instead of the usual egg whites.

La Cantina 20

Calle 12 y Avenida 5 (Calle Corazon)

For an upmarket and classier night out, give La Cantina 20 a try. Its one of the longer-established 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen bars, located on the upper floor of the mall at Calle Corazon (close to H&M). With the ambience of a luxe, modern bar, but with the soul of a traditional cantina, it serves delicious cocktails alongside its extensive Mexican food menu.

From the restaurant, you can have a great view of the people strolling by on Fifth Avenue, but you can also come and perch at the bar to sample some of their delicious cocktails.

Tienen una amplia carta de cócteles y probablemente la mayor variedad de mezcales y tequilas de toda Playa del Carmen. No dejes de probar un carajillo, una mezcla de licor 43 con café espresso.

Es una noche estupenda con un ambiente vibrante. Tocan música tradicional mexicana y a menudo hay un mariachi que te da una serenata mientras bebes. Echa un vistazo.

El Tiki perdido

Calle 4 entre 6 y Avenida 20

For a fun night out, you simply must head to The Lost Tiki. You may know this place under its former branding, ‘The Tiny Tiki Hut’, but this Playa del Carmen best bar was renamed and reopened after a short closure (much to the delight of their many, MANY fans!) in late 2021.

This quaint and quirky bar is beautifully themed with Instagrammable wall art and lighting. (Even the bathroom walls are cool!)

As well as the great selection of tropical, tiki cocktails, which come served in tiki mugs, and coconuts, complete with spikey, and fruity garnishes, they also have a fantastic food menu (wow, those edamames and bang bang shrimp!) which blends a fusion of Mexican and Asian cuisine to create some of the most popular nibbles in town.

It’s no wonder that The Lost Tiki is one of the ever-so-popular bars in Playa del Carmen for the expat community. Be sure to make a reservation to guarantee a table here as it’s often fully booked.

Top tip – check out their social media pages for regular promos and events!

best cocktails playa del carmen


Calle 38 entre Avenida 5 y la Playa

Piola is known for being a great Italian restaurant, but it’s also famous for its giant frozen basil martinis which are so large that they surpass the rim of the glass!

Blended together using a secret house recipe, these green wonders are a firm fan favorite of Playenses and tourists alike. They look great and often cause a ripple effect. When you see another person ordering one, the whole cocktail bar wants one too!

Piola also has a great range of bellinis and mimosas too – because as they say – a brunch without a mimosa, is just a sad breakfast!

Este lugar tiene un gran ambiente y, además de la zona del restaurante Piola, también se puede disfrutar de un asiento en las mesas de la barra alta para tomar unas copas y ver a los turistas ir y venir por la vibrante Calle 38.

best cocktail playa del carmen

Mantener a los niños en la escuela

As you enjoy a sip of a refreshing cocktail at the best bars in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, please also take a small moment to consider how you can help the school-aged children that live in the area.

Many children in this part of Mexico struggle to be able to continue their education, as unlike in other places, high school education is not free. Often families can struggle with the admission fees, along with the price of resources, uniforms, and other supplies needed to continue their education.

La buena noticia es que mantener a un estudiante en el instituto cuesta menos de 2 USD al día. KKIS es una organización benéfica sin ánimo de lucro que trabaja en Playa del Carmen para ayudar a mantener a los estudiantes en la escuela.

As well as going for delicious cocktails and hitting the bar scene on your next vacation, why not give a little something back to help the Playa community.

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