Volunteers in DIF school classroom

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Por: Kelly Caldwell 
on: abril 23, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter two weeks of attending the DIF school everyday to teach the children how to use the English language computer program donated by Brillkids called Little Reader, a larger group of volunteers began speaking with the kids in small groups two days a week. Each volunteer had between 6 and 10 students grouped around one end of a long table shared by another group. We passed out notebooks for each child to keep as their English language book and asked them what English words they already knew. Many repeated the words they had learned online and wrote them in their books. The children were excited and grateful for our attention and trust in their learning process.
Then we began with common phrases they would encounter in their jobs interacting with English speaking tourists. “How are you?” “Fine, thanks.” “How much does this cost?” “Ten pesos.” This then led into numbers for some of the volunteer teachers. It was all improvised and went very well.
Hopefully next week we will have a bingo game with the vocabulary words which have been introduced, a bingo card with photos and buttons to cover the squares until there is a winner. We received a donation of a huge supply of toothbrushes and paste and may use them as the prizes for the winners.
This school continues all summer and throughout the year, so if you are in Playa del Carmen and would like to volunteer either Tuesday or Thursday from 11 – 12, please push the “contact” button above and leave a message.

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  1. Hello I am interested in volunteering. If someone could please contact me that would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi Erin,
      I wrote once but fear that I erased it before it was sent. We go to school every Tuesday and Thursday, meeting under the palapa on Calle 8 between Aves. 30 and 35 at 10:50 and stay until 12. I will put your name on our email list that comes out Fridays for the following week. Please respond to that and show up.
      From July 15 – August 15 there is no school but we will be packing bags with school supplies. An appeal for that activity will also come by email.
      Janet Lowe

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