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Jossy: a Student Learning to Teach

Posted by on December 13, 2018
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“I couldn’t go to school for a month. It was then when I truly appreciated studying”, Jossy KKIS university scholar.

Meet Jossy – a KKIS scholar who entered 10th grade at CETMAR 36 in 2015, the first year KKIS awarded high school scholarships. Three years later she graduated with the highest grade point average of all the scholarship students that year. Because of her excellent grades, she was awarded a university scholarship and is now one year and eight months away from graduating as a teacher from Universidad del Sur, Playa del Carmen.

In a ceremony on December the 5th, 2018, the University recognized Jossy as having one of the two highest GPAs in her class.

A girl with a passion for education

Jossy grew up listening to her father’s (R.I.P.) words about education. “You need to study, you can’t stay at home and do nothing”, Jossy recalls her father saying.  He never had the chance to go to school, he worked as a driver. Her mother, on the other hand, did have the opportunity to go to University and study accounting. She graduated with great grades, but couldn’t afford her diploma. She works as a dressmaker.

“Mexican parents have to support their children so that they can become good professionals, this is what Mexico needs”, said Jossy’s mother minutes after witnessing her daughter having an award for her grades.

Jossy’s journey hasn’t been easy. Family debts forced her to stay out of school for a month, a time that showed her the importance of education. “I couldn’t go to school for a month. It was then when I truly appreciated studying”, Jossy.

Ultimately, Jossy’s father found her a place in CETMAR 36 and the director there recommended her to KKIS as a student with great potential.

Making learning fun!

While completing her university education, Jossy works at a kindergarten from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. After a day at work, Jossy’s day isn’t over, she gets home to do her homework so she can be ready for classes.

“Now I’m living my career,  I’m teaching children who are 4 years old and I have to keep them interested, so I have to come up with fun learning techniques”, Jossy.

“The year has 365 days, days that I see as an opportunity to keep learning”, Jossy.

We’ve seen Jossy grow from a High School to a University student and witnessed her enthusiasm as she opens herself to a promising career as a Teacher.

“I’ll always be grateful to KKIS. I love to see more scholars, I remember that during my first semester there were only eight scholars at CETMAR, now, there’s a full table with scholars!”, Jossy.

And if we couldn’t be more proud of Jossy, we just learned that after obtaining her University degree, she plans on studying a Masters Degree in Education.

Help us keep more kids in school

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