KKIS Scholars Share their Secret to Success!

The Keeping Kids in School Project is on a continued mission to sponsor and support students with great potential but limited resources. Every school year, we approach the heads of school, who help us select hard-working, dedicated students who are in great need of financial support to continue their education.     In order to maintain a scholarship, students […] ... Continue Reading »
By: Nina Blake 
on: January 25, 2021
KKIS Scholars Share their Secret to Success!

The Keeping Kids in School Project is on a continued mission to sponsor and support students with great potential but limited resources. Every school year, we approach the heads of school, who help us select hard-working, dedicated students who are in great need of financial support to continue their education.  


In order to maintain a scholarship, students must show academic excellence, leadership and service to others. We proudly watch as these students keep up the hard work, and push themselves to be the top students in their class, despite their challenging stories. Many of these students come from difficult family situations, have to travel long distances every day to get to school and have to take on part time jobs to support their families. As part of our 10th Anniversary in 2021, KKIS Scholars who have managed to achieve grades of 10 (the highest GPA in Mexico), shared their secrets for success!  


Ángel Adolfo 


“To be a grade 10 student, you need to be responsible with homework and study really hard. I like to study at least two days before each exam, and on the day of the exams I do a slight review to remember what I saw in class. It is also really important to have good teachers, because they help you a lot and know about the subject that they are teaching.” 


Ángel David 


Being responsible, disciplined, organized, paying attention, being focused and creative, and prioritizing tasks are all useful tips to get top grades without neglecting other parts of life. I think that the most important tip I can give others is to remind them to always have fun, because when we see homework as an obligation it becomes overwhelming and boring, but if we see it as an opportunity to show that we are different and creative and stay true to our essence, sometimes we end up surprising our teachers in a really good way!” 


Daniela Carolina 


Being disciplined helps me focus on my dreams, about what I would like to achieve one day, and this motivates me to do my best in every subject. I strive to understand each topic and like to do my own research after school is over to learn even more about any given subject. Studying at night also makes it easier for me to remember things the next morning. 


Karime Andrea 


Pay close attention in class, take notes on the most important things, analyze each topic, turn in assignments on time and watch videosAlways investigate using reliable sources and have a clean and organized work space. Use your creativity and talents to hand in striking projects!” 


Keren Aylin 


To achieve a grade of 10, the first thing you have to do is believe in your own abilities and understand that no subject is ever too difficult. Constantly telling yourself that you are not capable of raising your grades on a subject because, according to your criteria, it is extremely difficult, makes it impossible for you to grow as a student! You need to learn to organize your time, read about the subjects you have seen in class and try to reinforce your knowledge through self-learning, based on information provided by the teachers.”  


Luis Edmundo 


Study, pay attention to your teachers and don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask if you have any questions. Always hand in assignments on time and study for your exams. I like to review everything we saw during the semester and I prepare for the exam by going over my notes several times. 


Mayra Jacquiline 


Have goals in life, and have people who support you at all times, because sometimes, when you feel like giving up, those people will motivate you to keep going! Ask your teachers for lots of examples and then take those examples and try to improve them and give them your own personal touch so that your efforts are seen. 




Make learning interesting and fun, concentrate in class to understand better and look for more information on the subjects in your free time, either by watching videos or reading books. When you have team assignmentsform teams with colleagues who are good at different things. When you have an individual assignment, get it done way before the deadline, visualize how you will present it, find all the necessary information and explain it in your own words, use images, a professional format (in case it is a document), organize everything, and use designs that attract attention and are easy for teachers and classmates to understand. Start your projects when you are alone and relaxed, and listen to your favorite music! 


Lucero del Carmen 


It is important to take notes during classes, but in a personal way, using keywords or codes that help you understand important pointswhich makes studying for exams so much easier. In addition, it makes you remember everything you’ve seen in that class, without having to read through long notes againSharing a project or assignment with classmates to get their feedback before I actually hand it in helps me a lot. Iany of my information is incorrect, they point it out, so I can make the necessary changes.”  


Neyda Jennifer 


Develop good study habits. Be prepared to take each class and avoid distractions, take notes on the most important things, and if a topic is not clear to you, investigate further, using external sources to get more informationIn my case, I avoid studying excessively before an exam. I prefer to understand each topic well and avoid memorizing things. I keep my grades high by doing extra research, watching videos, and above all, having self-confidence.” 


Kathia Paola 


Many times, we juggle many responsibilities at the same time, and this has a negative impact our grades. If you want to have a grade of 10, you must try to put aside any distractions when you are going to take an exam or have an important assignment to deliver. Without doubt, the best advice that I could give someone to get a good grade is to be constant, organized and to not leave anything to the last minute. 




“To get good grades, you need to be disciplinedmeet all your deadlines, pay attention in class, and do your best. Although sometimes some subjects are difficult to understand, you can ask for help from a colleague, search for more information on the internet or ask for help, but all that will depend on how disciplined you aredon’t study before an exam, that usually makes me more stressed. If you have questions it is more difficult to solve them the day before the exam when the pressure is too much. It is better to solve them ahead. 


Irma del Carmen 


Be disciplined and persevering, since this way you can cultivate order, good habits and patience. Develop an interest for each subjectthis way you will learn to enjoy what you are doing and gain broader knowledgelike to study a week and then three days before any exam. Meanwhile, I make a study guide in which I elaborate questions and answers according to the topics that will be covered. And finally, I color-code the most important information. 


Carlos Jair 


“Grades are largely based on two aspects; individual or team projects to reinforce the knowledge we acquire during class and exams. Responsibility plays a decisive role in getting top grades, because if you do not commit to the delivery of your activities and projects, your grade will decrease. You need to enjoy school and acquiring new knowledge every day. Do not see school as an obligation but rather as an opportunity to grow and become better person. 


Leydi Lizbeth 


Enjoy the process: This is fundamental, since every time you work on a project, you have to dedicate time, effort and commitment to creating quality work, that is why you have to enjoy every minute of it! Enjoy learning: This second aspect is very important to me, because as you develop a project, it will contribute and reinforce your knowledge. Quality: This last aspect will speak a lot about you as a student, since delivering quality assignments demonstrate your dedication and commitment. 

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