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KKIS School Bag Packing

Posted by robinkw on August 7, 2017
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KKIS volunteers pile school supplies into KKIS bags sponsored by Simca Desarrollas.

Monday KKIS volunteers began packing the big KKIS bags for Gregoria Cob Cob elementary school in Playa del Carmen. These school supplies were donated by the local Playa company Simca Desarrollas. The bags are printed with their logo and the KKIS one also.

Our very generous neighbor, Ron, has donated his living room for us to store packed KKIS bags before delivery later this month. We built tables from used doors and paint buckets and Liam stacked the bags.

The first morning’s work done.

These are about 300 bags for the afternoon session of one school. Many more to go!

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