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Transportation + Education = Transformation

Posted by robinkw on August 21, 2017
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Bike enthusiasts and advocates for education, the owners of café Lara & Luca sought to give back to their adopted community of Playa del Carmen, by giving bicycles to high school students.

Aware of the transforming effect that transportation can have and the great need that exists here, they brought the idea to KKIS and together we devised a plan to have English teachers at CECYTE high school ask their students to write short essays on what they would do if they had a bike.
Nearly 400 essays came back – Lisa Ogaldez and Roberto Solombrino read each one before choosing 4 students who articulated compelling ways in which they would use a bike.

Henry said he had never ridden a bike but wished he “could feel that huge sensation someday.”    Alejandro could do “shopping at the supermarket and go to his brother’s school to pick him up and take him to the house.”   Mixtli said a bike would help reduce pollution of the planet and “arrive in less time to care for my baby when I finish classes.”    Gloria, who is a KKIS Scholarship Student,  wanted the bicycle for her mother who has Type 2 Diabetes and needs to exercise since she had her own bike stolen three years ago. “If you want to give me the chance to help my mom, I’m so appreciate it.”

These are all good kids and KKIS was glad to help with the project.

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