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KKIS envisions a future where every student graduates from high school and where educational challenge is inspiring and fun. KKIS started in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with the mission to motivate and assist public school administrators, teachers, students and parents through 5 programs that provide financial assistance, connections and support.

School Supplies 

The first week of school, KKIS donors and volunteers give primary and secondary students a year’s worth of school supplies and bring the KKIS Scholars to talk to each classroom about staying in school. 

Scholarships & Advisors

High school and university scholarships are given to promising students who can’t afford to attend school for financial reasons. To make sure that these kids do their best in school and life, we started the Advisors Program. This program takes place once a month and is conducted by members of our community who are passionate about education and want to give back by inspiring these kids to reach their goals in life.

School Advocacy

KKIS provides or partners with other organizations to augment, maintain or improve classrooms and required teaching materials. We work to inspire students and teachers through organized academic contests and a bi-monthly magazine that augments classroom material. We engage parents through outreach programs. Where there are obstacles to learning, we work with the school administrators, teachers and parents to remove them.  

English Conversation Club

KKIS teams up with two public high school English teachers, bringing volunteers four times a week to help students with pronunciation and conversation. Students who complete a minimum of 12 years and who are bilingual have exponentially increased their earning power.  


Through this program KKIS scholars make connections with universities and job opportunities in the community. They are offered discounts at university and assistance with the application process. They are given interview coaching and introductions to business owners.