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The skills and values instilled in young people can make all the difference.

KKIS, which stands for Keeping Kids in School, identifies promising students and gives them life skills and a vision for a brighter future.

As COPARMEX members and an integral part of the community, we can help this group who has been helping our kids here in The Riviera Maya for over 10 years. 

A little can go a long way, and by providing financial assistance to help get these kids through school, we are contributing directly to our community and the growth of our economy.

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Businesses in the Riviera Maya

As a business owner you want the best, the most capable employee. The one who can think and solve problems. The one you can leave the key with and know that they will show up tomorrow.

The employee who can handle this starts by graduating high school. They understand responsibility and working to get a result.

KKIS Scholars learn skills outside of the classroom that set them up to succeed in the world, to meet challenges with a positive attitude and resourcefulness that sets them apart.

Education: Powering Potential. We all have a part to play.

The Math is Simple—That’s Where YOU and KKIS Work Together

12 monthly donations of 1,000 MXN keeps a student in school with private English lessons for 1 year.

It costs a little less than $12,000 MXN per year to attend public high school.

Often this is two months’ salary for a parent, and this is where many students suffer. Many want to continue school, but their family doesn’t have the funds to keep them in there.

The KKIS students are yearning for knowledge and want to live the life of their dreams just like you.

Monthly donations help KKIS keep a steady cash flow, so the students never have to stop learning.

COPARMEX has partnered with KKIS because we believe that every child deserves an education. It’s that simple.

Just imagine if 50 people donated, what a difference it would make to our community.

COPARMEX Makes Life Better for Promising Students in the Riviera Maya

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