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How to Help Riviera Maya Students Stay in School

Where fun meets education!

Let us tell you about a non-profit group that is making a difference here in the Riviera Maya.

They are called KKIS, which stands for Keeping Kids in School.

How can you help Riviera Maya students? Donate to KKIS.

Riviera Maya students struggle to stay in school. Only 38% graduate from high school.

Public education is free for most people around the globe. Here, students in the 10th-12th grade have to pay for school.

It’s hard on families and students. The children here don’t have that freedom or opportunity that you probably had.

The Math is Simple—that’s Where YOU and KKIS Come into Play!

1 donation of $25 a month = 12 students x 1.5 hours of approved English classes!

The government requires students to pay approximately $600US per year to attend public high school.
Often this is two months’ salary for a parent, and this is where many students suffer. Many want to continue school, but their family doesn’t have the funds to keep them in school.
The KKIS students are yearning for knowledge and want to live the life of their dreams just like you.
Monthly donations help KKIS keep a steady cash flow, so the students never have to stop learning.
Laura’s Quiz Night has partnered with KKIS because we believe that every child deserves an education. It’s that simple.
Just imagine 50 people donated, what a difference would make to this beautiful place we call home.
Laura's Quiz Night

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Think you have the chops to compete? Every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. Laura hosts Laura’s Quiz Night. We get people of all ages and nationalities competing weekly. It’s fun and entertaining and Laura tries to match the questions with the audience.

These shenanigans take place at Buzo’s on Calle 26 next to Av. 30. We encourage you to come with a group or by yourself, we can get you on a team. Just be prepared to laugh and meet new people who love it here in Paradise

For updates on what’s going on with us, check out Laura’s Quiz Night Facebook page.

For updates on what’s going on , check out Laura’s Quiz Night Facebook page.

Supporters of Laura’s Quiz Night, Make Life Awesome for Riviera Maya Students!

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