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Pelopidas School delivery, August 16, 2013

Posted by robinkw on August 17, 2013
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A big pink backpack for a liitle girl.

A big pink backpack for a liitle girl.

Friday it was raining cats and dogs. The administrators at Pelopidas School had identified 58 children who needed help and informed those  families that we would be delivering school supplies that day, so I had arranged three SUVs to carry the goods.  When we arrived several young boys who had been waiting with their parents inside the front gate to pay their school fees, came to help us carry bags inside.  Chairs had been set up in the music room and there were tables for us to work from. Once we were settled the families poured in.We began calling names that were taped to the front of each pack and child after child came forward to accept his school supplies. The bags were heavy. Each pack contained a ream of white paper, 50 sheets of colored paper, 6  hard cover sewn notebooks, a homework notebook, a music notebook, a flute, glue, dictionaries both Spanish and Spanish/English, colored pencils, a geometry set or ruler, scissors, and a pencil case filled with pencils, pens, erasers, pencil sharpener and glue sticks. Some of the kids looked like they would fall over backwards with the weight on their shoulders. The rain kept a number of families from coming to school that day, so at the end of the day we packed up the unclaimed bags and will return on Tuesday afternoon on our way home from the Cristo Rey school to meet the kids on their second day of class and deliver their supplies.

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