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Scholars pack 962 pencil cases in 3 hours!

Posted by Karla on July 30, 2018
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Six of our scholars packed a total of 962 pencil cases in only 3 hours!

One of the most exciting activities have begun: packing school supplies that will be delivered the second day of class at public schools in Playa del Carmen.

As part of their activities, scholars volunteer on the first week before general public joins this fun and exciting time.

Today, Yara, Kathia, Itzel, Karla, Zulemi and Mané begun packing the following number of pencil cases:

  • 63 for kinder.
  • 315 for 1st grade.
  • 276 for 2nd grade.
  • 308 for 3rd grade.

This is a total of 962 pencil cases! Well done, girls!

See them on our Facebook live video here.

To learn more about our School Supplies Program, click here.

To learn more about our Scholarship Program, click here.

Thank you, ladies! Not only are you great students, but also an example to all young people in Playa del Carmen.

More exciting news, soon!

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