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What Motivates Us

Public schools everywhere experience funding limitations and lack of needed resources.  Such problems are magnified in Mexico where corruption, bureaucracy, and indifference are commonplace.

There is no PTA (Parent Teacher Association) that coordinate and raise money for extra curricular educational activities. There are no free lunch programs.  Teachers have to pay for copies of worksheets they want to hand out. Classrooms lack clocks, cabinets, trash cans, basic physical fitness items like soccer balls and basket balls.

The seeming lack of support results in good teachers feeling frustrated and discouraged and leaves children ambivalent about school.

What We Do About It

KKIS sponsors educational contests organized by Educativa, a local teacher-led, education-focused action group.  These Spelling bees and Math contests engage and inspire students.

The classroom environment sets the stage for learning. Where there is a compelling need for teaching materials, equipment and the like, we either fill it with the resources we have at our disposal, or we reach out to our partner organizations who share our vision of free quality education for children around the world.

How Does It Help?

Contests are inspiring students to engage in learning differently, with more passion than they otherwise would.

Students and teachers who have the basic tools they need to do their respective jobs are making the most of them.  A softball team was formed after a KKIS donation of equipment, teachers don’t have to spend their time of money at the local printer because KKIS donated printers and paper.

We need your help!

Donations of all size are what keeps KKIS going and helping the children in Playa del Carmen.

Please click the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page to make a donation.