What Motivates Us

New schools in Mexico are outfitted with desks and chairs. They are not provided with clocks, cabinets, trash cans etc. Teachers have to pay for copies of worksheets or any creative activity. Schools often also lack basic physical fitness items like soccer balls and basket balls.

Our objective with the Classroom Basics Program is to provide or partner with other organizations to provide classroom and physical fitness basics, enabling the directors, teachers and coaches to focus on the children.  In the 2017/2018 school year, we aim to outfit 3 rooms in the new high school.

The classroom environment sets the stage for learning.

What We Do About It

Once we become acquainted with a school through the School Supply Distribution Program, we assess the need for school basics. Where there is a compelling need, we either fill it with the resources we have at our disposal, or we reach out to our partner organizations who share our vision of free quality education for children around the world.

How Does It Help?

In 2015, we introduced Playa del Carmen’s Sea Side Rotary Club to the Cristo Rey school. Their membership “adopted” this school providing over $9,000 dollars worth of necessary items.

We also introduced the US non-profit Speak with Your Feet to Cristo Rey. This awesome group came to Playa with brand new uniforms and shoes for the Cristo Rey soccer team who had been called, “the jungle rats” by jealous competitors for their tattered and mismatched shirts, shorts and shoes.

We need your help!

Donations of all size are what keeps KKIS going and helping the children in Playa del Carmen.  Please click the DONATE NOW button at the top of the page to make a donation.