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School supply delivery to the Colosio, Aug. 17, 2013

Posted by robinkw on August 19, 2013
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One very happy kindergarten boy.

One very happy kindergarten boy.

When we made our first delivery to the Jose Espana Cruz junior high school two weeks ago, there were a few new applications so we returned yesterday to deliver them.  The school is in the Colosio neighborhood at the north end of Playa del Carmen, a very working class area. There are a few photos below: the vegetable/fruit truck that drives the streets stopping at every corner for customers, a neighborhood boy on his father’s 3-wheeled bike with his little sister in front and a sample of the homes in the area.

The boy in this photo is the little brother of one of the junior high students we helped. He had come with his mother and sister to pick up her supplies and Marilou asked him if he was in school also. He brightly replied that he would be starting kindergarten. We could not resist his smile and, although we did not have a backpack for him, he was delighted to have the things he needs to begin his education.

Victor, in the first photo below, was one of the applicants we could not get in touch with before our first delivery.  He arrived with a friend but we had nothing for him.  Then as the boys were walking away we realized that we had an extra and I went running up the street after him for two blocks calling, “Victor!!!!  Victor!!!!”, without success. Finally I realized that I was chasing after the wrong boy in a red shirt!  What the neighbors must have thought.

The corn vendor did return with his lovely daughter. Caroline, the young woman with cancer arrived on the back of her grandmother’s bicycle. We gave her the brightest backpack we had in stock.  All the students were delighted to have new school supplies.

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