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Supplies for Success

Posted by robinkw on August 26, 2017
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This week as KKIS was delivering school supplies, a teacher related a story about a mother who came on Monday, registration day with two girls.  She registered only one child.  “Why not both?” the teacher asked.  “I have money for only one.” the mother replied.  “Tomorrow KKIS is giving school supplies to all children in this school” the teacher explained.

With disbelieving eyes, the mother stood speechless, tears coming to her eyes.  It took some convincing, but in the end, she registered the second child as well.

Each year at the start of school, an ever expanding group of donors & volunteers give money, time, transportation, muscles and this year extra room to stack the nearly 3,000 bags of school supplies awaiting delivery.

At the heart of this effort is a message given to all the students: You are special. We believe in you. Dream big! Stay in school. You are the future of Mexico!!!

“We often ask the students ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’”,  KKIS Director, Kelly Caldwell explains.  “Doctor, teacher….” they shout.  “School is the path to achieve your dreams,” we tell them.   

KKIS doesn’t know exactly how many children attend school or stay in school because of our school supply give away.  But it is clear that in the neighborhoods of the schools in which we work, there is extreme poverty and every peso saved and every positive message sent, helps.


A special thank you to Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, SIMCA and the Youth Connection for financial sponsorship.  To everyone who packed & delivered school supplies, the kind souls that gathered plastic crates, to Ecogarmon, DiveSeth , Work Zone, Laveco and other individuals who contributed transport vehicles, to Ron Dunlap who opened his living room to stack up the bags for weeks before delivery, to Ricardo López-Portillo and Ricky Florack who took amazing photos, to Kim Abrigo and Janet Lowe who organized the entire effort and to Aurora Meade and all the others who took the KKIS message into 79 classrooms – Thank you all!!!!

Seth, Barbara & Aurora loading Seth’s truck

Luigi handing out school supplies at Rodolfo Menendez

Scotti handing out bags of supplies

Arielle from Youth Connection Canada raised money at her university and came back to Playa to deliver school supplies

Team SIMCA sponsored a school & spoke to students

Team Thomas Cook sponsored 2 schools, packed and delivered bags


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