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Last week KKIS Board members met with Bachilleres high school administrators to clarify our desire to help their students with English and were told that there were 30 current students who had failed their final English exam. They would be given another chance at the...

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Free Snorkel Tours, November, 2015

How about a free snorkel tour to either a cenote or the Caribbean coastline or a trip to the Tulum ruins in exchange for speaking English with your tour guide? The CETMAR high school that KKIS has been working with has a class of 38 students who are learning to be...

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Graduation at DIF School

Today was Graduation of the 10 - 17 School on the DIF Campus in Playa del Carmen where KKIS volunteers have been teaching English for the past year with a computer program donated by Brill Kids. It was hot and there was much waiting for all to be just right. But...

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Sight Words!!!!!!!!!!

Sight words are those tricky little words in English that we learn almost entirely by listening to the language spoken. But for people learning a second language they need to be memorized. Examples are: look, I, make, see, come, help, my, in and it (and about 30 more...

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