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Two girls graduate from YCI Program – Grand Hyatt Resort Playa del Carmen

Posted by Karla Munguia on February 13, 2019
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“I was very nervous at the beginning because this was my first job, I had to step out of my comfort zone as I’m very shy and I find it difficult to interact with other people. I’m less shy and I have more knowledge of how a hotel works. I was 100% shy and now I’m 30% shy. Even in school I’m participating more”, Jennifer shared with us.

YCI in Playa del Carmen

YCI, the Youth Career Initiative, is a program focused in vulnerable students all over the World in which they receive training.

This year, the Gran Hyatt Hotel in Playa del Carmen started the program inspired by giving something back to our community. They reached out to KKIS to help them find students eager to learn more about the hotel industry and see what this career is all about.

“Through YCI we work with these kids from 3 to 6 months in different areas in the hotel so they can see what they really like and have the tools to ask for a job or even be hired by us”, explained Mariana Vázquez, Learning Manager at Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen.

As KKIS works closely with students in public high schools of Playa del Carmen, Fred Uriarte, Scholarships Director, reached out to Conalep, as this school offers the Tourism Hospitality specialty.

Two students applied and got into the program, Natalia, a KKIS scholarship student, and Jennifer.

“I’m more friendly now, I find it difficult to make friends at school but now I get along with people from every area in the hotel. When new people joined the hotel, I showed them around. I learned many new things about the hotel industry”, Natalia.

Speak English!

Apart from learning the tricks of the job, Natalia and Jennifer took English Classes every day as part of YCI Program with a trained English teacher.

“At the beginning they didn’t participate in class and now they both participate. Please never stop learning in school and in life. Read books, watch documentaries, speak to other people and learn from them”, her teacher Claudia said.

Mission Accomplished!

“Comparing the two girls who entered the program, to the girls that I see now, there’s a huge difference. They were quiet, shy, and now they’re confident and sociable”, said Mariana.

“In three months they grew more than some do in more time. I see how different they behave now. Their inner growth is visible”, Mariana concluded.

We’re really proud of Natalia and Jennifer as they’re not only studying high school, they were also working in this program for 3 months and attending English classes.

The idea is to hire more than 10,000 kids around the World, so we’re planning on starting the next training program in April.

What’s the next step?

While Jennifer will keep studying, Natalia, our scholar, will have to work for now as she has 5 siblings and her parents can’t pay for her University. She has to pay for her own University career, so she will work for a year before going back to school.

To learn more about our Scholarship Program, click here.

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