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Two of our scholars participated in a robotics tournament

Posted by on October 30, 2018
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Students from CETMAR 36 participated in a robotics tournament and passed to the national tournament! The six students will be flying to Mexico City to compete with teams from all over the country.

Last week, Abrahan, Edgar, Anthony, Enrique, Jorge and Javier participated at WER Educational Robotics Tournament in Prepa TEC.

Abrahan, Edgar and Antony, fifth semester students in CETMAR 36 belong to the team PDC Robotics, while Enrique, Jorge and Javier, third semester students, belong to RAM Tec team.

KKIS scholars on each team!

We’re really excited to see how Jorge and Anthony, two of our scholars, are taking part in this competition.

“This gave me a new view on robotics. As a KKIS scholar I felt extremely happy for your support given through Facebook and all the content shared on the school’s platforms. I’m really excited to know that we can make it to Shanghai… that we can be in Shanghai this year, or next one…”, Jorge.

What is WER?

WER is an educational robotics competition that stimulates intelectual development, competitiveness and an actual vision of globalization in primary, junior high school and high school. The challenges, goals and dynamics of WER tournament promote cognitive and socio-emotional development in the participants.

National phase

Both teams did so well at the different tasks that the robots had to complete, that they passed to the national phase! In this competition, they will be looking for a spot at WER international, to take place in Shanghai, China.

Of the 64 teams, only 29 classified to the national stage, two of them from Playa del Carmen!

States participating in the tournament:

  1. Baja California Sur.
  2. Nayarit
  3. Aguascalientes.
  4. Guanajuato.
  5. Colima.
  6. Estado de México.
  7. Querétaro.
  8. Puebla.
  9. Veracruz.
  10. Morelos.
  11. Tabasco.
  12. Quintana Roo.

And, Mexico City.

You can do it, kids!

The students will be competing November the 2nd and 3rd in Mexico City. We can’t wait to see you live on CETMAR’s Facebook! All of us at KKIS wish you great success!

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