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You Have the Power to Change the Future of a Student

Posted by robinkw on March 24, 2017
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Meet Mary and Doug Reilly from Toronto and their KKIS scholarship student Marlyn. Mary and Doug have started a scholarship program for Marlyn that will keep her in school until she graduates from high school and the promise that if she does well, they will fund her University costs also. They donate once a year to the KKIS Project and we administer the funds for tuition, books, school supplies, uniform shirts and transportation. All this for only $500 USD a year.

It is well-known in the nonprofit world that encouraging education and providing the opportunities is the only way that has lasting benefits to lift people out of poverty. An education for one child will have rippling effects for the whole family. The educated person can now obtain employment that will help take care of the parents, take care of the siblings and encourage others in the family to get an education.

I challenge more of you to change the lives of students by providing scholarshiops. Please contact Gayle at gayle@kkisproject.org.

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