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You may KKIS the bride! – A kid is going to High School! – Chapter Two

Posted by on October 10, 2018
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With the donations received through Daniela and Colin’s registry, we will be able to send a student through three years of High School!

Daniela and Colin met 5 years ago at Law School in Texas. They both know how education changes lives, so they decided to donate their registry to KKIS, to keep a kid in school.

On Saturday the 6th of October, we had the privilege to announce during Daniela and Colin’s wedding, the results of this couple’s initiative.

Fred Uriarte, Scholarships Director at KKIS gave an emotional speech to thank the couple and their loved ones who will leave the most important legacy in Mexico: education.

“Today more than ever we need more individuals willing to take action that help others and bring us closer together. Daniella and Colin: you are those type of people”, Fred.

The wedding took place at Dreams Tulum, where we had the opportunity not only to thank everyone, but also the chance to talk to some of the wonderful donors.

“When I saw that Daniella and Colin were doing this a part of their registry I was extremely impressed. Not too many couples even consider that, you know? Give Back. And I think the reward will be much greater than any gift they could’ve ever gotten in a box or with a ribbon around it. It’s very forward thinking and hopefully they’ll be example to other couples in the future to continue to do that, I’d like to see everybody do that”, Tony.

Public High School in Mexico is not free, so some kids drop school after 9th grade as they can’t afford books, uniforms and tuition. With this donation, we will be able to give a 100% scholarship for three years, which means that one student will have the gift of education without having to worry about costs.

“So, Daniella and Colin, I again thank you for your kindness. From our collective hearts at the KKIS Project we wish you both all the love, all the happiness that life can offer to you. Thank you”. Fred.

More about Daniella and Colin, here.

Would like to start your own fundraising campaign like Daniella and Colin? Click here!





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