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You may KKIS the bride! – Couple donates registry to KKIS – Chapter One

Posted by on October 5, 2018
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Daniella and Colin are getting married in Mexico, so they decided to donate their registry to KKIS. This is the first time we have received a registry donation from a wedding couple!

“We thought about what are the important things in our life and what’s brought us together and where we build community, and a lot of it comes through school”, Colin.

Six months ago, we got a lovely email from Daniella and Colin, a couple who will be married tomorrow in Tulum. This is what their email said:

“I am writing to you because the two of us have more than we need, and we would like for guests to donate to your charity in lieu of gifts to any bridal showers or engagement parties we have planned. The two of us met in law school, so we know the importance of education and the difference it can make in someone’s life. Growing up in a border-to-Mexico town, I especially know upward mobility is directly tied to education”, Daniella.

After this 6 month wait, we finally met this lovely couple at a bakery in Tulum, where they were waiting for an order of tradicional (and delicious) Mexican bread to give as a welcome present to their guests.

How Education changed your life?

“My parents where both first generation college students, my mom slept on the floor until she was 18 in a one bedroom house. She was the second. Her sister went to college and then she followed. She met my father, who is a Doctor, so I grew up realizing what education can do to a small family and the difference it can make in just one or two generations. So, from sleeping on the floor, to myself and Colin to live a life that we considered very privileged it’s all been through education”, Daniella.

“Finding challenges, growing our skills and I think really becoming who we were and who we are today happened in different schooling environments and it gave us a lot of structure and we built a lot of confidence through school and education”, Colin.

Why donating your registry?

“I do my best thinking in the shower, and one day I was in the shower and I thought, I love Mexico, I’m from a border town, Mexico’s always been near to me and my family, so when I was thinking of what could be the best use of our friends and family, our loved ones to give to us, I wanted to give to this area of Mexico”, Daniella.

“KKIS” the bride!

“I think that the reason why this charity really resonated with us was because it was about High School students, once you complete High School you’re on an upward trajectory, that is what gives kids the opportunities. High School is the time where you make your breaker life decisions”, Daniella.

Cheers to the couple!

Tomorrow, October the 6th 2018, Daniella and Colin will be married and we will be there to celebrate their love and personally thank their family, friends and loved ones for donating and helping us keep more kids in school.

Chapter 2 of this educational love story, soon!

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