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We are community builders, volunteers, and public school advocates who believe that all children should have a minimum of 12 years of free education.  Our mission is to cultivate a future where education is affordable, and where the completion of education through university becomes more common. KKIS accomplishes this mission by distributing school supplies and providing scholarships.

Knowing that in Mexico, and especially in Playa del Carmen, a city dominated by tourism, command of the English language will drastically improve ones income. KKIS supports public high schools with a twice weekly volunteer program that helps the students with their English.


KKIS serves children & families in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico where local people make less than $10 per day. The problem is primarily economic – families cannot afford the costs of a public education; they need their children to work.

Collaboration with social services, SEP and school administrators has revealed an overwhelming need in our community. As products of public school systems, we understand how education can make a difference in an individual’s life and the ripple effect it has throughout a community.

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