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We are community builders, volunteers, and public school advocates who believe that all children should have a minimum of 12 years of free education.  We are products of public school education and believe in the power of education to change lives.

Our mission is to improve high school and university graduation rates one student at a time. KKIS programs combining financial assistance, community connections and educational support have produced a 92% high school graduation rate vs the federal standard of 30%.


KKIS serves children & families in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico where local people make less than $10 per day. The problem is primarily economic – families cannot afford the costs of a public education; they need their children to work.

Collaboration with social services, SEP and school administrators has revealed an overwhelming need in our community. We see first hand how education can make a difference in an individual’s life and the ripple effect it has throughout a community.

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