The KKIS Project

Children don’t go to school simply
because they can’t afford it.
Let’s change that!


Increasing graduation rates,
one student at a time.

School Supplies

Helping families.
Inspiring students.

English Conversation Club

Making learning fun.


Opening doors.
Creating opportunities.

Annual KKIS Gala Image

Join us at The Reef Coco Beach to celebrate the 12th Annual KKIS Gala, “Por el Amor de Aprender” (Love of Learning).

Every Child Deserves an Education

Many children living in Mexico are not able to go to high school because they are charged a fee – it is not free!

It costs less than $2 USD per day to keep a student in high school.

Join KKIS donors and volunteers who are working to expand the number of high school and university graduates in the Riviera Maya!

A Conversation with Marc Pujol, GMB CEO and President of COPARMEX

Pujol discusses sponsoring 35 students to improve education in the Riviera Maya. A prominent leader within the Real Estate Industry, Marc is committed to giving back.

Our Programs

Who Are We?

We are community builders, volunteers, and public school advocates who believe that all children should have a minimum of 12 years of free education. We are products of public school education and believe in the power of education to change lives.

Our mission is to improve high school and university graduation rates one student at a time. KKIS programs combine financial assistance, community connections and educational support to produce an 86% high school graduation rate vs the federal standard of 30%.

What Motivates Us?

KKIS serves children & families in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico where local people make less than $10 per day. Here families cannot afford the costs of a public education; surviving day to day, week to week requires able bodied family members to work.

Our collaboration with government social services, the department of education and school administrators has revealed an overwhelming need in our community. We see first hand how education can make a difference in an individual’s life and the ripple effect it has throughout a community.

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Some of Our Amazing Sponsors

GMB, GAMA Master Broker
Grupo Events
GUSA Capital
Rotary, Playa del Carmen
The Reef 28, Playa del Carmen
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North American Standards, Playa del Carmen

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