Local Students need YOU!

Learning English

Conversing with these students will help them secure a better future – but the real benefit is to you!!  

You will get to know these promising students, understand their life and struggles as well as believe in them to create their dreams. Like all students, KKIS scholars have dreams and aspirations.

Do you know that 72% of 7th grade students believe they will graduate college, yet only 38% of adults in Mexico graduate high school. That’s a disconnect,  being part of our English conversation club can help these students realize their potential so they can compete with other students who come from family’s with better financial resources.

How it works?

1. Meet at Mega (supermarket) once you have confirmation from Sara.

2. At 9am on Thursday, a van will drive you to and from the school.

3. Have conversations with
students in English.

4. You’ll be back at mega
around 10:45 am.

5. It requires a 2 hour
commitment per session.

6. You can go multiple times if
you like or just once.

That’s it!  No teaching or curriculum just conversations with high school students to
help them better understand the English language.

English Makes Life Better for
Promising Students in the Riviera Maya

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