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At Keeping Kids in School (KKIS) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, we believe that learning English should be engaging and enjoyable. That’s why we started the KKIS English Conversation Club, a student-focused program that provides a relaxed, welcoming setting for local students to practice their English language skills. 

Through natural conversation with our team of English-speaking volunteers, students can enhance their abilities and make cross-cultural connections. 

Conversing with these students will help them secure a better future – but the real benefit is to you!!  

You will get to know these promising students, understand their life and struggles as well as believe in them to create their dreams. Like all students, KKIS scholars have dreams and aspirations.


Do you know that 72% of 7th-grade students believe they will graduate college, yet only 38% of adults in Mexico graduate high school?

That’s a disconnect,  being part of our English conversation club can help these students realize their potential so they can compete with other students who come from families with better financial resources.

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For our students, the Conversation Club delivers measurable benefits:

Practice Listening and Speaking

We focus on small-group conversations in the classroom, where students can actively practice their English listening and speaking abilities. Rather than structured lessons, students learn through real back-and-forth dialogue, developing skills for comprehending spoken English. 

Our volunteers engage the students using fun, interesting topics tailored to their English levels and interests. With supportive English speakers, students gain a better understanding of words and nuance.

Build Vocabulary and Learn Slang

As students chat about diverse subjects, they organically expand their working English vocabulary. They learn new words and phrases through hands-on use, increasing their ability to express themselves. 

Our volunteers introduce idioms, slang, and regional terms, helping students grasp casual English. The club provides vocabulary enrichment beyond textbooks. We all know that 5 years of Spanish in high school does not translate to conversational Spanish in Mexico.

Gain Confidence Communicating

One of the main challenges for English learners is a lack of confidence. The Conversation Club offers a pressure-free environment where students can practice their skills without fear of mistakes. 

The casual atmosphere helps students relax and make mistakes with no judgment. As they converse with encouraging volunteers regularly, students gain poise in expressing themselves in English. Their communication abilities grow.

Make Friends from Abroad

In the Playa global community, the Conversation Club allows students to appreciate diversity. They build bonds with volunteers from English-speaking countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and volunteers from places like Thailand, Egypt, and France.

Learning about other cultures expands their outlook. Students discover common ground with new friends from abroad. They experience the power of intercultural exchange.

At the KKIS English Conversation Club, a typical meeting may include:

With a laidback vibe, the focus stays on generating natural dialogue for speaking practice. Students gain confidence and skills while connecting with volunteers from abroad

  • Icebreakers to spark connections
  • Small group talks on student hobbies/interests
  • Interactive games and use of whiteboards to draw on 
  • Open conversation times for students to guide discussions  

If you’re someone passionate about helping Mexican students thrive, join us in volunteering!

• The KKIS Project

When you volunteer, you are able to:

Share Your Culture

Volunteers can represent their home countries while helping local students improve their English abilities. They highlight different accents and phrases from their regions.  Often a game that is played is “Where am I from?”

Volunteers describe details of their own lives, offering cultural insights. Through questions, students gain exposure to new customs, perspectives, and ideas.

• The KKIS Project
• The KKIS Project

Meet Students from Mexico

One highlight for many volunteers is meeting students from Playa del Carmen and other volunteers from around the world. As volunteers get to know the students through friendly talks, they develop cross-cultural understanding and empathy. 

Many volunteers join seeking to widen their worldviews by making Mexican friends.

Help Students Progress

Volunteers gain satisfaction from directly helping students improve their real-life language skills. Through active chats, they coach students in applying and honing their English. 

Seeing students thrive motivates our volunteers. Their guidance encourages students in conversing, empowering their advancement, and self-esteem.

• The KKIS Project
• The KKIS Project

Gain Teaching Experience

For those interested in education, the English Conversation Club provides an outstanding experience. Volunteers learn techniques for engaging multilingual students using spoken English. 

They build intercultural communication abilities useful across disciplines. With staff support, volunteers incorporate teaching strategies tailored to different proficiency levels.

How it Works?

1. Meet at Mega (supermarket) once you have confirmation from Ana.

2. At 9am on Tuesday, a van will drive you to and from the school.

3. Have conversations with
students in English.

4. You’ll be back at mega
around 10:45 am.

5. It requires a 2 hour
commitment per session.

6. We encourage you to go multiple times to get to know our amazing students

That’s it!  No teaching or curriculum just conversations with high school students to
help them better understand the English language.

Being Versed in English makes
Life better For Promising Students in the Riviera Maya

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