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By: Laura Pulling 
on: May 13, 2024

Looking for a doctor in Playa del Carmen? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog you’ll find a wide range of doctors that offer both holistic and diagnosis services. 

Whether you are visiting or have relocated, eventually you may find yourself on a search for the best doctor Playa del Carmen offers and access to reliable medical services. 

From pharmacies to hospitals to specialized clinics, Playa del Carmen is known for a diverse range of medical care options to meet your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various healthcare facilities available, helping you navigate the local healthcare landscape with confidence. And if you need an English speaking doctor, Playa Del Carmen offers many options for that too! 

Do you need Health Insurance in Mexico? 

You do not need health insurance to see a doctor in Playa del Carmen. There are many ways of getting medical treatment without having insurance and just paying what is the ‘going rate’. This can often be cheaper than your native country.

However, for tourists and temporary residents in Mexico, having health insurance can be an important option to explore for peace of mind incase anything ‘bigger’ or more serious crops up.  Health insurance provides a safety net in case of unexpected medical emergencies, offering peace of mind and financial protection during your stay. 

Numerous health insurance companies, both local and international, offer coverage in Mexico. It’s essential to select a plan that aligns with your specific needs and budget, considering factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, and network providers. By investing in comprehensive health insurance, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to quality medical care without worrying about exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses.

International Travel insurance can also provide a solution if you are traveling short-term or in the country temporarily. Be sure to determine if you need emergency care services or a comprehensive plan that includes wellness checks and specialists. 

Medical Tourism in Mexico: A Vacation Well Spent 

Mexico has emerged as a leading destination for medical tourism, attracting patients from around the world seeking affordable and high-quality medical services. Medical tourism, the trend of traveling to a foreign country for affordable medical treatment, has gained popularity due to Mexico’s pricing and reputation for excellence in healthcare. 

In Playa del Carmen and other Quintana Roo cities, some hospitals and clinics offer medical tourism packages tailored to the needs of international patients. These packages typically include medical procedures, transportation, accommodation, and additional services, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for medical tourists. Luckily, the search for the best MD Playa offers ends with this guide. 

Pharmacies: Accessible and Affordable

Pharmacies in Playa del Carmen are abundant and offer a wide range of medications and medical services at affordable prices. Popular options include Farmacia del Ahorro and Farmacias Similares, which provide both over-the-counter and prescription medications without requiring a doctor’s prescription. If you do need a prescription, some locations have an in-house doctor that you can have a consultation with for free, or for a very nominal charge. Seeing a physician at Farmacias Similares, for example, can cost as little as 50 pesos. 

These pharmacies are especially convenient for travelers experiencing minor ailments or needing basic medications. There are more than a dozen locations around the city of these pharmacies, making it accessible no matter where you are staying. 

While most medications are available without a prescription, many of these local pharmacies are primarily Spanish-speaking. it’s advisable to carry a translation tool or have a Spanish-speaking companion for more complex interactions or medical advice.

doctor playa del carmen

You can see a doctor at many of the pharmacies in town, including this one at Calle 10 y Ave 10

Hospitals: Advanced Care and Specialized Services

For more serious medical issues or emergencies, Playa del Carmen is home to several reputable hospitals offering advanced medical care. These hospitals may not be like what you are used to in your home country, with some being a larger space from which different clinicians of different specialties work independently, under the overarching ethos of the hospital.

Hospiten Hospital 

Avenida Balamcanché Lote1

Hospiten Hospital, located on the south end of the city near Centro Maya, is renowned for its comprehensive range of services, including emergency care, surgeries, and specialized treatments. While private hospitals like Hospiten may come with higher costs, they often provide English-speaking staff and cater to the needs of both tourists and expatriates.


Carretera Federal 305 de Cuota MZ 285 LT

CostaMed is known for its commitment to patient satisfaction, delivering a wide spectrum of medical services across multiple locations in the Mexican Caribbean. From general medicine to specialized treatments such as dental care, CostaMed prioritizes quality healthcare delivery with bilingual staff and modern facilities.

Hospital Ixchel 

Carr. Cancún-Tulum, Mz. 329 Lt 9

Hospital Ixchel offers a full range of medical services but specializes in maternity and gynecological services, providing personalized care for women’s health needs. With experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, Hospital Ixchel ensures expectant mothers receive comprehensive support throughout their pregnancy.


Federal Highway Mz 155, lot 3 between 20th Street and 22nd

Amerimed serves as a bridge between clinics and hospitals, offering prompt and efficient care for minor injuries and ailments as well as more serious ailments. With a focus on urgent care services, Amerimed is a private hospital that caters to tourists in need of immediate medical attention, such as sprains, fractures, or illnesses. 


Doctors and Walk-in Clinics: Convenience and Accessibility

For tourists and locals seeking immediate medical attention without appointments, walk-in clinics offer a convenient solution. 

Mi Clinica 

Calle 38 Nte Manzana 99 L 25-1

Dr. Ian Alarcon at Mi Clínica provides English-speaking consultations, treatments, and tests at reasonable prices, ensuring tourists receive timely medical care.

MD Playa 

Playacar Phase 1 and 2 in Plaza Paraíso.   

MD Playa provides the ease of a walk-in clinic, equipped with a dedicated team of medical professionals and specialized services for adults and children alike. MD Playa treats a wide range of illnesses on a daily basis including respiratory infections, UTI’s, dehydration, stomach flu, COVID, animal bites, and sinus disorders. Their facilities include three medical offices and an ER for emergency services. 

Dr. Bernardo Diaz

Calle 20 Nte Manzana 63 Lote 1

Dr. Bernardo Diaz and his staff are known for their friendly customer service and bedside manner. Appointments are available for urgent and after-hours care. He can also make house calls if you need it. Here you’ll find affordable prices and services offered in Spanish and English. 

Holistic Services: Balancing the Mind, Body & Spirit 

Santulen Garden, 20 Bis. Nte. 85, entre Calle 38 y Calle 40 norte

Santulen Garden in Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular holistic healing centers in the city where various alternative or complementary therapies come together. From functional medicine and acupuncture to traditional Chinese medicine and herbal remedies, the center offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic modalities, including BHRT, prolotherapy, biodecoding, ozone therapy, vitamin drips, and more.

With a focus on restoring health through the best available therapeutic options, Santulen Garden’s team of bilingual (English/Spanish) medical doctors specializes in addressing a wide range of health concerns, including menopause, gastritis, diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, hemorrhoids, facial paralysis, thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmune disorders.

Keeping Kids in School

Your health comes first on your trip to Playa del Carmen but as well as staying well, we would like you to also consider the work we do with KKIS.

The KKIS Project is a non-profit charity that supports students to continue their learning and education. Many children in this part of Mexico do not go on to finish high school or go on to further education, as unlike in other places, high school education is not free for students to attend.

The local families in the Riviera Maya can struggle with the admission fees, along with the price of resources, uniforms, and other supplies that they need.

At KKIS we know that it costs less than $2 USD per day to support a student to achieve a high school education. 

Maybe your donation will help fund the education of the doctors of the next generation.

Donate today, or find out more about how you can volunteer with KKIS.


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