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Kelly Services, a visit to The Riviera Maya for a Teamwork and Giving Back with KKIS Event!

March 14, 2024 – Paradisus Hotel – Playa del Carmen


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Joining Forces for Education

Making a Difference in the Riviera Maya!

At KKIS we are always looking to partner with socially responsible organizations like Kelly Services, a leading provider of substitute teachers in 40 US states, to create impactful experiences that empower local students.

Kelly Services Takes Action:

Kelly Services recently joined us for a unique team-building experience that combined fun and social responsibility. Their leadership retreat participants honed their collaboration skills by building a mini-golf course using everyday materials.

Beyond Teamwork: Making a Difference for Students

Following their creative challenge, the Kelly Services team transitioned to a meaningful act of service. They packed essential school supplies for hundreds of students in public schools, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom.


Kelly Services in Playa del Carmen

kelly services • The KKIS Project
kelly services • The KKIS Project
kelly services • The KKIS Project
kelly services • The KKIS Project

Want to have a team building event?

Inspired by Kelly Services’ dedication? US companies and individuals have many ways to partner with KKIS:

  • Support our programs: Help us provide educational opportunities for deserving students.
  • Volunteer your skills: Share your expertise and make a difference.
  • Spread the word: Raise awareness about the importance of education in the Riviera Maya.
  • Want to have a team building event? We can provide you with our recomended partner for activities and team building for all of your needs. From Backpacks, to building bicycles to wheelchairs and many other activities to help the community with your own event

Contact us today at to learn more about partnership opportunities!

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Backpacks Packed



We spent half a day here with KKIS rather than be in a meeting somewhere because we wanted to give back to the community and we wanted to work together as a team in support of a great cause

Peter Quigley

President and Chief Executive Officer, Kelly®

kelly services • The KKIS Project

Due to family finances KKIS granted Elena a university scholarship to continue her education. “Without the help of a generous sponsor, I wouldn’t be in college studying right now. This opportunity was given to me and I intend to help others with my degree as a lawyer”


2nd year University Law Student

I have to say today was a learning experience for me and I’m really inspired by all the colleagues that serve in the KKIS Project and I really encourage everybody go and to learn further about the project and how you can contribute to such an amazing cause

Nicola Soares

President, Kelly® Education

KKIS Vision

Improving lives through Education by Keeping Kids in School.

KKIS Mission

Education reduces poverty, improves lives, and builds better communities. For many families in Mexico education is not affordable. KKIS Keeps Kids in School by removing financial barriers.

We also help students develop their language, life and work skills. Our success is made possible by generous donations of time and money from individuals and corporations who share our values and vision.

KKIS programs combine financial assistance, community connections and educational support to produce an 86% high school graduation rate vs the standard of less than 50%.

kelly services • The KKIS Project

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