My School Journey on Two Wheels: The Power of a Bicycle

As the sun begins to paint the sky with shades of red & gold the roosters herald the dawn, The clouds part, and I conquer my bike The peddling must carry on. I feel a spark of anticipation. It’s not just another day; it’s another opportunity to learn, grow, and pedal my way towards a […] ... Continue Reading »
By: Miguel Valencia 
on: October 11, 2023

As the sun begins to paint the sky with shades of red & gold
the roosters herald the dawn,
The clouds part, and I conquer my bike
The peddling must carry on.
I feel a spark of anticipation. It’s not just another day;
it’s another opportunity to learn, grow, and pedal my way towards a brighter future.
My bicycle, a gift from Keeping Kids in School (KKIS) and its generous sponsors is my steadfast companion in this journey,
transforming the way I experience education in Mexico.

OK, so maybe our students aren’t quite so poetic, but having reliable transportation is just one way we Keep Kids in school at KKIS. 

• The KKIS Project

The Daily Marathon Transformed

How many yellow school buses have you seen in the Riviera Maya? 

I can give you a hint – NONE.

School isn’t around the corner or down the block; it’s a considerable distance away for many students attending public high school or university. 

Before being gifted a  bicycle, getting to school was an ordeal. Long walks under the searing sun, squeezing into overcrowded collectivos, or paying for an expensive taxi ride were everyday challenges for many KKIS students

The relentless effort of merely reaching school often leaves students tired & drained before the day has even started. But when students pedal their way to class with a bicycle, that strenuous marathon turns into a breezy ride.

Riding Towards Consistency

With a bike, A student is no longer a slave to the uncertainties of public transport or the unbearable toll of walking long distances. A commute is no longer a puzzle of endless variables – it’s a straightforward, manageable ride. 

Not only are students saving precious time and energy, but they are ensuring that they are consistently present in school. With each turn of the pedal, each student is asserting their commitment to an education for their future.

The bike is more than a mode of transport; it’s a symbol of consistency. It’s reinforcing a habit, an unbroken chain of learning that propels students forward, both physically and academically.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Every day, as students ride their bikes to school, we marvel at how this simple object has dramatically transformed over 50 lives. This gift from KKIS and its sponsors didn’t just provide a student with a bike; it offered each student the chance to be a consistent learner, a punctual student, and an appreciative recipient.

A bicycle is not just a possession; it’s a cherished gift that arrived wrapped in the hopes and generosity of strangers. Strangers who saw beyond the metal and rubber and understood its real value –  a door to opportunities, a lifeline.

Each day, as promising students make their way to school, they ride with gratitude. And every day, when they reach school on time and ready to learn, they have a  profound sense of appreciation for as simple as a bicycle.

• The KKIS Project

Pedaling Forward with Gratitude

“Reflecting on the difference a bicycle has made in my life, I realize how essential it is for children like me, living in places where a simple school bus ride is not an option.”

 Said one of our students. 

The bike is more than just a solution; it’s an opportunity that transforms daily struggles into smooth rides and unattainable education into achievable dreams.

Being a beneficiary of KKIS’s bicycle initiative, I am thankful to every sponsor who contributed to this cause. Your kind-hearted donation didn’t just put me on a bicycle; it assured me my place in the classroom and has been pivotal in shaping my academic journey.

A Call to Join the Ride

Students who have received a bike from KKIS are the fortunate ones. But many others are still trapped in the cycle (no pun intended) of arduous journeys while getting to class and interrupted education. Many others dream of the freedom a bicycle can bring and the consistent education that comes with it.

To those who have sponsored a bike, we all say Thank You!!

Your contribution has transformed the daily marathon into a manageable ride and has helped promising students stay consistent with their education.

To those considering donating to this noble cause, remember that when you sponsor a bicycle, you are gifting more than a transport device. You’re providing the invaluable gift of education and enabling a student to embark on a journey of growth and learning. You’re helping to pedal forward a dream.

In the grand scheme of education, every student deserves a fair ride. 

Your contribution can make a world of difference, one bicycle at a time, one student at a time. And every morning, as students mount their bikes and set off for school, with the sound of roosters, they ride with gratitude, knowing that their educational journey is made possible by your generous hearts. 

Thank you for pedaling along with us. Together, let’s continue this incredible ride toward a brighter future.

“Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn and pursue their dreams. With the help of my sturdy KKIS bike, I’m determined to make my dreams come true. 

I’m pedaling towards a brighter future!”

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