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Advisors Program – Helping kids find their way

Posted by on December 19, 2018
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“We wanted to help them figure out who they are, where they’re headed and how they’re going to get there”, Gayle Collins, Founder of the KKIS Project.

This year has been one of the most exciting years for all of us at KKIS. Thanks to an amazing group of donors and sponsors, we doubled the number of KKIS Scholars in public high schools of Playa del Carmen.

To keep these 78 students motivated and on the right path, we created the Advisors Program.

“The scholarship keeps kids in school and helps ensure they graduate, but we also wanted to help them grow. The Advisors Program was created to help students figure out who they are, where they’re headed and how they’re going to get there”, explains Gayle Collins, Founding Board Member of KKIS.

The Advisors

We chose the advisors carefully, contacting local professionals from our network who we thought would be great examples for the teenagers. Each advisor is assigned 8-10 students.

“Each student has an adult who knows them and helps them navigate high school so that they leave with a meaningful personalized plan and prepared for life after high school”, Gayle explains.

“The Advisors make the material come alive for the students, keep them engaged and moving forward. Without such a great group of advisors, the program wouldn’t succeed!”, she adds.

The sessions

Once a month, Advisors and KKIS representatives take part in a one hour session held in each school. The scholars have to commit to these sessions, participate in the class room and work in their free time on special assignments.

The Advisor Program is divided into three:

  1. For 10th grade scholars: Discover yourself.
  2. For 11th grade scholars: Discover your World.
  3. For 12th grade scholars: Discover your path.

Our scholars

Our scholars are students in the following high schools:

  1. CETMAR 36
  5. Bachilleres

We can’t wait for next year’s sessions!

To learn more about our Scholarship Program, click here!

If you want to Keep a Kid in School, donate here!



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