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You Have the Power to Change the Future of a Student

Mar 24, 2017
Meet Mary and Doug Reilly from Toronto and their KKIS scholarship student Marlyn. Mary and Doug have started ...
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CETMAR High School Graduation

Jul 15, 2016
Graduation ceremony was held in the Salon Platinum Yucatan del Hotel Grand Riviera Princess for CETMAR (Centro de ...
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Graduation Party for KKIS Scholarship Students, 2016

Jul 15, 2016
The KKIS Scholarship Program for high school students in Playa del Carmen has 11 graduates this year. They ...
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KKIS Pizza Party for Scholars and Mentors

Mar 23, 2016
Fred Uriarte, the KKIS Project scholarship program organizer, planned a pizza party for all 32 of the KKIS ...
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Posada at CETMAR High School with Value Traded Mentors, 2015

Dec 05, 2015
Value Traded, a business in Playa del Carmen, approached KKIS a few months ago asking how they could ...
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KKIS Scholars Meet Their Mentors

Aug 30, 2015
KKIS has taken another leap forward to help the students of Playa del Carmen stay in school. With ...
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KKIS To Give Scholarships

Jul 22, 2015
KKIS is taking a big step forward! In addition to giving a record 1,187 bags of supplies to ...
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