Best Coworking in Playa del Carmen: Hotspots for Digital Nomads

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By: Laura Pulling 
on: April 22, 2024

Being a Playa del Carmen digital nomad means working from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world while enjoying a vibrant culture and nightlife. The city is home to a large community of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who venture here to find the perfect balance of work and play. 

Remote work can be isolating but the coworking spaces Playa del Carmen offers are plenty.  Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to focus or a collaborative environment to network and connect with like-minded professionals, Playa del Carmen has great options. 

When determining which coworking space is right for you, be sure to take note of the amenities offered such as high-speed internet, private workstations, meeting space, and communal areas. 

For digital nomads and remote workers, coworking spaces offer more than just a place to work. They provide an opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and build relationships with professionals from diverse backgrounds. This sense of community is invaluable, especially for those who often find themselves working in isolation while traveling.

If you are looking for places for coworking in Playa del Carmen, here are the most popular options:

Best Coworking Spaces: Playa del Carmen

Nest Coworking Playa del Carmen

Calle Avenida 10 entre calle 12 y 14 

Located in the center of Playa del Carmen on Calle 10, Nest Coworking offers a modern and professional workspace designed to inspire productivity and creativity.  In addition to its airy interiors, ergonomic furniture, and state-of-the-art facilities, Nest is also big on building friendships and relationships to boost your business and personal mindset. As well as the normal wifi and desk, they offer community events, social gatherings, courses, and workshops to learn new skills and network. 

Nest is also committed to sustainability by using products that are biodegradable or with low environmental impact and solar energy. Nest invites creativity and lots of breaks in your work day. There’s a hammock area to lounge in and the space is pet-friendly. Coffee and tea are also available in the kitchen area. 

The space offers flexible membership plans to suit various needs, from daily passes to monthly memberships. This makes it an affordable option for freelancers and remote workers looking for a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Membership Rates at Nest Coworking:

  • Daily Pass: MXN 270
  • Weekly Pass: MXN 1,300
  • Monthly Flex: MXN 3,700
  • Dedicated Desk: MXN 4,500
  • Private Office: Starting from MXN 5,500
nest coworking space

Nest coworking space is one of our favorites, as well as the inside area they also have a cute courtyard

Bunker Coworking

Avenida 10 Norte con Calle 38 

Located steps away from the beach, Bunker Coworking is another popular choice among digital nomads seeking a productive and collaborative workspace. This two-story office has two kitchen areas and made-to-order food service. Other perks include fiber optic broadband internet access, phone booths and 24/7 entry. 

The space features a contemporary design with private offices, and meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology. And the best part? Bunker’s espresso machine station where you can make your own cappuccinos to power you throughout your work day. 

Bunker Coworking offers flexible membership options, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans, catering to both short-term and long-term visitors. 

Bunker’s rates: 

  • Daily Pass: MXN 300
  • Weekly Pass: MXN 1,200
  • Monthly Pass: MXN 3,500
Bunker coworking

Bunker is located in the heart of Playa, on 10th Ave, close to 38 street

Enlaces Corporativos

1 Sur con 50th Ave 

Located on 50th Avenida just before Benito Juarez, Enlaces Corporativos offers affordable rates and a professional environment equipped with modern amenities. The space is located centrally and surrounded by many shops and restaurants. 

Membership Rates at Enlaces Corporativos:

  • Virtual Office: Starting from MXN 1,500/month
  • Dedicated Desk: Starting from MXN 3,500/month
  • Private Office: Starting from MXN 7,000/month


Best Cafes in Playa del Carmen for Coworking 

For those who prefer a more laid-back and relaxed setting, Playa del Carmen has no shortage of cafes that are perfect for coworking. These cafes offer free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a friendly ambiance, making them ideal spaces for working remotely while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal.

Bajo Cafe

Avenida 30 y Calle 30 

Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, Bajo Cafe is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. It’s also a great place for book lovers and offers a free book library.  With its cozy seating, friendly staff, and excellent coffee, juices and smoothies, Bajo Cafe provides a welcoming environment as well as ample workspace and outlets to power up your laptop. 

Basic Foodie

25 Avenida Nte entrada Calle 26 y calle 28N

An open-air cafe in the center of the city, Basic Foodie offers a quiet and inviting atmosphere perfect for coworking with large shared table space. Here you’ll find a wide variety of fresh-baked pastries and sandwiches, artisanal coffee, and free Wi-Fi. This cafe provides a comfortable space to work and meet other digital nomads. 

Quadra Cafe

CTM entre 5 y 10 Avenida 

The Argentine-owned cafe features a minimalist design, ample seating and wall outlets, and a menu of gourmet coffee and pastries.This is a favorite spot among remote workers seeking a relaxed environment.

Cuore 34

Calle 34 Nte entrada 10 y 20 

If you like coffee with your work day or a glass of wine to relax with afterwards, Cuore 34 combines a cafe, wine bar, and coworking space, offering the best of both worlds. The cafe’s upstairs corridor offers lots of tables and outlets for working.

With its stylish interiors, high-speed internet, and delicious food and drinks, Cuore 34 is a great place for working whether you prefer coffee and breakfast by day or wine and cocktails by night. 


Calle 6, Nte 15, entre 4 y 6  / Avenida 10 entre 30 y 32  / Avenida 25 y 30 Nte 

With several locations in the center of Playa del Carmen, Vika offers a well lit and modern setting for coworking. The cafe boasts comfortable seating, fast Wi-Fi, and a menu of healthy and delicious dishes, making it a popular choice among remote workers looking for a productive and enjoyable workspace.


Ah Cacao 

Quinta Avenida entre Calle 38 y 40 

While there are several locations in Playa del Carmen, Ah Cacao’s two-story cafe on Quinta Avenue and Calle 38th is a great place to socialize, get work done, and enjoy delicious cacao.

Whether you choose to sit outside on the patio or enjoy the air-conditioned workspace upstairs, Don’t miss out on the sipping chocolate or chocolate-infused desserts that make the work day so much sweeter! 

Ah cacao cafe for coworking in playa del carmen

You can work from a cafe too!


Keeping Kids in School

Now you know the top spots and hidden gems are for coworking in Playa del Carmen, which are great for being able to run a business or keep up with the Zoom calls! While you’re here we’d like to share with you a little bit more about how you can help to support the people of this lovely town. 

KKIS is a non-profit that supports promising students in the local area to achieve their goals of getting a high school education. 

Many children in this part of Mexico struggle to be able to complete their education, as unlike in other places, high school education is not free. Often families can struggle with the admission fees, along with the price of resources, uniforms, and other supplies needed to continue their education.

The good news is it costs less than $2 USD per day to keep a student in high school. KKIS is a non-profit charity that works in Playa del Carmen to help to keep students in school.

So, as you log in to your laptop, and sign on for a day of emails at a Playa del Carmen Coworking Space, consider how you could help change a future by donating to KKIS. Through a simple act of generosity, you can help a child in Playa del Carmen to have the opportunity to thrive.

Together, let’s pave the way for a future where no child is left behind. Donate to KKIS today.


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