Transforming Lives Through Education: The Role of High School Scholarships

High School — some have loved it and some didn’t care for it. Either way your life was transformed by getting an education and a diploma. The High school years are formative in so many ways that enrich your life going forward. With a diploma you are more likely to get a better paying job, […] ... Continue Reading »
By: Miguel Valencia 
on: April 27, 2023

High School — some have loved it and some didn’t care for it. Either way your life was transformed by getting an education and a diploma.

The High school years are formative in so many ways that enrich your life going forward. With a diploma you are more likely to get a better paying job, feel good about yourself, and contribute more to your community.

Students and their families in the Riviera Maya are faced with a choice when they need to register for 10th grade. High School has a cost – books, administration fees, uniforms, data, school supplies and more. And it often means the student can’t be working to help the family with expenses.

Often this is too much for a family to pay so promising students do not finish high school but become part of the low wage workforce.

Many students in the Riviera Maya struggle to stay in school due to financial constraints, which is why KKIS scholarships are needed to ensure that they receive the education students deserve.

Despite the cultural value placed on education, it can be difficult for students in Mexico to graduate High School.

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), only 45% of Mexican students who start high school actually complete it. This is due to a variety of factors, including financial barriers, inadequate educational resources, and societal challenges.

You may not be aware but high school students in grades 10,11 &12 have to pay administration and registration fees, buy books, uniforms and are expected to have internet access at home.

It costs about $650 usd per student per year for a high school student to stay in school.

That’s less than $2 per day and less than a coffee at Starbucks

Multiple that by 3 years and you can see the financial strain it puts on many families living in poverty.

At KKIS we believe Every Child Deserves an Education

Many families in Playa del Carmen live below the poverty line, and their children may have to drop out of school to work in a low wage job to help their parents make ends meet.

Often these students earn up to 4000 pesos a month or about $200 usd when they stop pursuing a diploma. That $200 makes a difference to these families but constrains promising students who want to graduate to become accountants, nurses, veterinarians, restaurant owners etc. It limits their future and employment opportunities.

Scholarships can provide financial assistance to these students to ensure that they have the opportunity to receive an education that they deserve.

This not only benefits the individual students but also contributes to the overall education level of the community and most importantly helps create a path out of poverty for many of these families.

Every donation can make a significant difference in the life of a promising student seeking a diploma!

• The KKIS Project Donors can make a difference by contributing to the KKIS Project and ensuring that more students receive the education they deserve.

Donate to KKIS

Here are three specific calls to action that you can take to support KKIS:

One of the easiest ways to support KKIS is to make a donation. Donors can contribute any amount, big or small, to help fund High School scholarships for students in the Riviera Maya.

Sponsor a student:

Donors can also choose to sponsor a specific student through KKIS. This means that they will provide ongoing financial assistance to that student to ensure that they can continue their education to graduation.

Sponsoring a student can be a more personal way to make a difference and get involved in the lives of others.

Volunteer with KKIS:

Donors who want to make an even greater impact can also volunteer with KKIS. We rely on volunteers to help with fundraising, organizing events, and other tasks that support our mission. By volunteering with KKIS, donors can contribute their time and skills to support students in the Riviera Maya.

Scholarships can have a significant impact on the community

Education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty and improve economic opportunities for families.

By investing in the education of High School students in the Riviera Maya, donors are enabling opportunities that promising students may not get otherwise.

• The KKIS Project We all know that education leads to better job opportunities, higher salaries, and increased economic growth. As a result,  the community as a whole benefits from the opportunities that come with education.

Providing scholarships to students in the Riviera Maya is an opportunity for donors to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and families.

Donors who contribute to scholarships for students in the Riviera Maya are directly contributing to promising students getting a diploma.

Less than 40% of Mexicans have a high school diploma.

With your donation you can feel a sense of pride and gratification knowing that you have made a significant contribution to the lives of promising students and helped a family see a path out of poverty.

KKIS (Keeping Kids in School) organization is dedicated to providing scholarships and educational resources to students in the Riviera Maya.

Sponsoring a student is also a tax-deductible donation.This can provide a financial benefit to the sponsor and may make it more affordable to provide ongoing support to a student.

We also appreciate small monthly donations that add up over a year.

Overall, sponsoring a student in the Riviera Maya can be a meaningful and impactful way to make a difference in our corner of paradise.

Imagine knowing that the nurse at the hospital you just spent time with was able to get her degree because you donated or being welcomed at your hotel by a bilingual smiling face.

These are possible by giving scholarships to our promising students who have more desire in life than to work a low wage job.

The simplest and most effective way to support promising students in Playa del Carmen is to make a donation to KKIS.

KKIS is a non-profit organization that provides scholarships, educational resources, and community support to students in the area who are at risk of dropping out of school due to financial constraints.

How Can You Help?

Donations of all sizes keep KKIS going and help promising students in Playa del Carmen.

Please click the "DONATE NOW" button to contribute.

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