University and High School Scholarships

Scholarships tangibly keep kids in school and ensure they graduate with a diploma, giving our students brighter futures.

Education is a powerful force that transforms lives and communities.

At KKIS in Playa del Carmen, we see that force in action every day in the faces of our students as they learn, grow, and prepare for bright futures. However, due to economic challenges, many young people in Mexico lack access to quality education and resources. 

In the Riviera Maya, deserving students are enrolled in public high schools
and universities, thanks to people supporting our scholarship programs. 

Did you know that grades 10-12 are not 100% free to attend in public high school?

You have to pay to apply, and pay for books, tuition, and uniforms, just to name a few expenses. Often, the expense of $ 650 USD for high school is beyond a family’s budget when the minimum wage in Mexico is about $10 USD per day. 

Additionally, a student pays $2800 USD per year to obtain a university degree. There are no government loan programs like in other countries, so with the resources to pay upfront, promising students are able to work a low-wage job without getting a degree.

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Your support can change that

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic merit and a family’s economic situation. Our scholarship committee reviews applications, considering teacher recommendations, grades, test scores, and financial aid form information.

Your donation helps us expand the number of KKIS students who can benefit from scholarship support.

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To learn more about University Scholarship, click here – add university student photo

kkis - scholarships program

The Value of Education

Why invest in education? The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Education boosts earning potential. High school graduates in Mexico earn almost 50% more than non-graduates. College graduates earn over 125% more.
  • Education improves health. The infant mortality rate among mothers with a secondary education is 35% lower than those without.
  • Education strengthens communities. Education decreases violence, drug usage, and crime while increasing economic growth, entrepreneurship, and civic participation.

Yet systemic barriers prevent many Mexican students from realizing these benefits:

  • Less than 50% of students graduate high school nationwide, primarily due to financial pressures.
  • Mexico spends the lowest percentage of GDP on education among OECD countries.
  • Public education costs like books, transportation, and meals strain families. Many students must work to help pay for these expenses.
  • Mexico lacks accessible student loans and financial aid available in other countries.

By sponsoring a student with KKIS, you dismantle these barriers so deserving students can access quality education.

KKIS Scholarships Open Doors of Possibility

Every student given a KKIS scholarship demonstrates academic promise. Our students dream of graduating, leading a better financial life, and creating opportunities for their families and communities. 

This year, the KKIS Scholarships were awarded to:

  • 100 public high school students
  • Students are in 9 high schools
  • 40 university students
  • Students in 16 Universities

That’s 25 schools with 140 students who have received scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year. Quite an impact, thanks to people like you. 

Sadly, hundreds or thousands more promising students would like to stay in school. 

The Life-Changing Impact

When asked about getting a KKIS scholarship, scholarship recipients said they were “grateful,” “hopeful,” and “motivated” to continue their studies. 

Some students and parents find it hard to believe that complete strangers would provide financial educational resources. We explain that education is the most beneficial thing someone can give you. They are amazed but thankful.

KKIS is in constant contact with the students and provides more than just financial help. We also provide counseling, an advisor program, and a wings program to university students to give them a head start after college.

At KKIS, we believe education cultivates the leaders of tomorrow.

Will you help us nurture more promising students? With your support, deserving youth can access the teaching, mentoring, and opportunities to excel in life regardless of financial restrictions.

Please consider contributing to a KKIS Scholarship this giving season. Invest in our students and make a lasting difference in their lives and futures. 

Your generosity will uplift youth, inspire excellence, and build a brighter tomorrow for the Playa del Carmen community.

Every donation makes an impact. Give the gift of education today.

The Gift of Education

Donations of all sizes are what keeps KKIS going and helping the children in Playa del Carmen.

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scholarships • The KKIS Project
scholarships • The KKIS Project
scholarships • The KKIS Project
scholarships • The KKIS Project
scholarships • The KKIS Project

The Gift of Education

Public high school education is not free in Mexico, which is why almost half of the population does not have an education beyond the ninth grade.

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