University and High School Scholarships

Scholarships tangibly keep kids in school and ensure they graduate with a diploma, giving our students brighter futures.

What Motivates Us

While 12 years of education in Mexico is compulsory, the average number of years of education is only 9. Students who want to go on to high school need to pay for an entrance exam, school fees, transportation and uniform costs. We believe in public education. It is not a perfect system in any country, but we believe that all children should access to 12 years of education.

Scholarships for Brighter Futures • The KKIS Project

What We Do

KKIS provides scholarships to public high school and university. Applications for high school scholarships are given out to communities recommended to us by the Secretary of Education. With the help of school administrators, we choose recipients based on previous grade point average and financial need.

All high school scholarship students are assigned a KKIS Advisor – a volunteer who meets bi-weekly with a small group of students, taking them through grade specific curriculum designed to help them better understnd themselves and a path to achieve their goals.

The opportunity for a university scholarship is offered to graduating KKIS High School Scholars. KKIS University Scholars participate in the Wings program designed to ensure they  obtain a job in their field of study upon graduation.

Scholarships for Brighter Futures • The KKIS Project

How Does it Help?

KKIS scholarships literally keep students in school – students, who despite their good grades, were at risk of not going to high school simply for economic reasons. With the exams, entrance fees, transportation, uniforms and school supplies paid for, the students are able to focus on their studies and achieve their goals.

Programs that accompany the scholarship provide connections outside of the students community – a window into another way of life. Connecting students with individuals outside of their circle prepares them to enter a world yet unknown, made possible only with an education.

The Gift of Education

Donations of all sizes are what keeps KKIS going and helping the children in Playa del Carmen.

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The Gift of Education

Public high school education is not free in Mexico, which is why almost half of the population does not have an education beyond the ninth grade.

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