Transform a Student’s Life in Mexico. Invest in Education Today.

Many promising students in the Riviera Maya drop out of school due to financial hardship. Your gift unlocks the power of education, transforming lives and shaping a brighter future for our community.

Why KKIS Scholarships?

Here's how your donation transforms lives and strengthens our Riviera Maya community:


Public high school is not FREE

Here in the Riviera Maya there is a cost to going to grades 10-12 in public high school. You have to pay an application fee, pay administrative costs, buy books and uniforms as well as other incidentals. The promising students we help just need a financial boost.


Unlocks Earning Potential

High school graduates in Mexico earn almost 50% more than non-graduates…imagine what a university degree can do!


Fosters a Safer Society

Education reduces crime, drug use, and violence. Your support creates a better future for everyone.

High graduation rates

Mentorship and advising

Focused on changing lives in the Riviera Maya

Ways to Help

Choose Your Level of Impact

Give what you can! Every donation supports our promising students.

A $650 donation covers a year of high school for a student.

A $2,800 donation covers a year of university for one student.

Students’ Testimonials

“Thanks to the KKIS scholarship I feel that now I can achieve my goals”

Shayra A.

“Thanks to the KKIS scholarship, my future as a Pharmaceutical Chemist is within reach”

Alondra P.

“The KKIS scholarship not only eases the financial burden of education but also gives me the motivation and confidence to succeed”

Arantza A.

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