Gifts of 2021 – A Story of Chance & Choice

Team Chili Piper on meeting the 15 high school scholars they are sponsoring at Cecyte Quintana Roo Plantel Tulum for the next 3 years! ... Continue Reading »
By: Kelly Caldwell 
on: December 28, 2021
Gifts of 2021 – A Story of Chance & Choice

If we learned anything this past year, it is how interdependent we are and how our lives are driven as much by chance as by choice.

Here is one example…When a teacher learned of the KKIS Scholarship, he contacted a bright young student who had previously dropped out of high school in order to work and support his parents and siblings.

At the time the student received the call, the circumstances which compelled him to drop out of school hadn’t changed, but his mind had. He recognized that options are scarce for those without an education, and so he applied for the scholarship.

Education Opens Doors

The student is now working six nights a week and going to high school with a KKIS scholarship. He will graduate this spring with a high GPA and is intent on continuing his journey through university.

The trajectory of this student’s life was changed by the chance phone call of a kind teacher, and his thoughtful decision to stretch himself so that he could ultimately land on the path that would lead him to a better future.

Of course, the story of a student’s good fortune began much before his teacher’s phone call.

Events making the scholarship possible began when a young professional daughter asked her mother if she knew of a charity in the Riviera Maya making a real impact in the lives of young people.

Chili Piper Answers the Call

One quick call to a friend in Playa del Carmen and KKIS was connected to a global technology company whose Co-founder and CEO is passionate about education. Chili Piper Co-founder and CEO, Nicolas Vandenberghe, saw the need and took action to help with the resources he had. In this case, it was 15 high school scholarships and a staff person to help KKIS grow. Members of the Chili Piper team came to Tulum at the start of the year to meet their students.

Team Chili Piper on meeting the 15 high school scholars they are sponsoring at Cecyte Quintana Roo Plantel Tulum for the next 3 years!

Education Changes Lives

All of us have the choice to give what we can, to take action.

This holiday season, give education. It is a gift that keeps on giving. A choice that offers a chance. Every dollar, every introduction, every type of support has a ripple effect that amplifies its intent.

Give Education

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We look forward to putting your gifts to good use in 2022,
Kelly, Gayle & the whole KKIS Team

P.S. If you or your company would like to sponsor students in the Riviera Maya contact us today.

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