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The KKIS Board

The KKIS Board is made up of educators, artists, and corporate types.  We are hard headed optimists who believe that all children should have a minimum of 12 years of free education.

The future we envision for the children in Mexico is one where education is valued and affordable, and where the completion of high school & university becomes more common in the community.


The KKIS Project provides financial support, educational challenge and community connections to public school administrators, teachers, students and parents in order to help improve perception, affordability and graduation rates in the public schools of Playa del Carmen.  We execute our mission through the following 5 programs:

What motivates us

We serve children & families in one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico where local people make less $10 per day.

The problem is simply economic – families cannot afford the costs of a public education; they need their children to work. Our collaboration with social services and school administrators here has revealed an overwhelming need in our community.


Keeping Kids in School would not be possible without our generous Sponsors and Donor organizations!

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36 years as a public public high school teacher and 10 year part-time resident of Playa del Carmen.

“I’m committed to giving back to this wonderful community of Playa del Carmen by helping children succeed in school so they, too, can become productive and proud citizens of Playa.”

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An Artist from the US whose works are shown in several galleries in the Riviera Maya, and an 8 year full-time resident.

“I love the children of my adopted homeland.  I know that one cannot fix the world, but am dedicated to helping one child at a time with the opportunity of education”

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21 Years in banking, and a 5 year full-time resident of Playa del Carmen.

“Working for the children of this beautiful city is an honor.  Helping more students through 12 years of school is really important to me.  I love the work that we do.”

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A third generation educator, Suzanne was born in Mexico City and grew up in the US.  She now lives full time in Playa, Suzanne is KKIS’S community.

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Born and raised in the US, Fred retired and moved to Mexico. He is bi- lingual and now heads up the Scholarship Program for KKIS.