Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities at KKIS are powerful ways to help others, have fun, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

KKIS Depends on Volunteers for Many Things

Below are our most common volunteer opportunities. If you have talent in the areas of photography, videography, graphic design, social media, event planning, or fundraising, we would love to hear from you as well!

Start a Campaign

Starting your own campaign is a great way to get involved.

Fundraising campaigns are an online strategy that allows individuals or teams to fundraise.

By starting your own campaign, you will be able to share your own personalized campaign pages with your social networks made up of friends and family.

Make a difference in a kid’s life!

Fundraise Auction

Make giving possible by volunteering at our fundraising auction.

KKIS relies on it’s annual fundraising auction to pay for the programs that keep kids in school.

Between January and March, we need volunteers to sell tickets, solicit donations and work the auction.

Each year a great group of volunteers comes together to make another year of giving possible. Be part of it this year! Contact us for more information.

Student Advisor

Become an advisor for KKIS scholarship students.

If you are excited about making a difference in the life of a teenager and speak fluent Spanish, you could become an Advisor for a small group of KKIS Scholars. For more information on the role, contact us.

English Conversation Club

Help students in Mexico learn conversational English.

During the week, KKIS volunteers work in public high shools (and now online) with small groups of students who are working on their English.

Our focus is on conversation, pronunciation and simply helping students overcome the shyness which everyone learning a new language experiences.

KKIS provides conversation starters, white boards and markers.

Make An Impact Today

You can make an impact today with a direct donation, or sign up for monthly contributions that will support education year round.

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