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Dream Big! (and stop bullying!)

Posted by Kelly on June 3, 2018
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This year, as part of the KKIS Connection Program, Karla Munguia gave 18 talks to nearly 1,000 Junior High School and High School students about following their dreams. To illustrate her point, she uses the story of her life as the first Mexican wild-life filmmaker to work for Animal Planet.  She shows great photos and video of herself talking about corals for a National Geographic series called “One Strange Rock”, presented by Will Smith – it’s impressive and inspiring!!

Karla tells us that in nearly every talk she witnesses a student bullying another student while she is speaking. When she sees the bullying, she addresses it from the stage.  Identifying it for what it is, she puts a stop to it and in doing so provides a valuable lesson to the group. More often than not, the bullies come to her at the end of her talks, tell her their own stories and apologize. They connect, one on one and get a big heartfelt hug which brings on both tears and laughter.

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