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It’s official, we have 78 High School Scholars!

Posted by Karla on August 10, 2018
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78 kids in Playa del Carmen have received a KKIS scholarship!

Since we started the Scholarship Program in the fall of 2014, we always knew we wanted to help more and more kids every year.

That first year, we only had 3 students at Cristo Rey and Bachilleres.

Four years later, we’re pleased to announce that we have the following KKIS scholars:

  • Bachilleres: 16 scholars.
  • CETMAR: 22 scholars.
  • CONALEP: 28 scholars.
  • CECYTE 1: 10 scholars.
  • CECYTE 2: 2 scholars.

Average graduation rate in Playa del Carmen is 30%. In this past year, KKIS had a 92% graduation rate.

We would like to thank all our group and individual donors who have trusted us by donating through our website or by starting their own fundraising campaign.

Special thanks to GMB Real Estate Solutions, GUSA Capital and Seaside Rotary Playa del Carmen for making this posible!

Sponsor 1 year of High School!

For just $42 a month you can send a child through a year of public high school in Mexico. The KKIS Scholarship includes: inscription, books, uniforms (2 shirts) and a transportation stippend.

Sponsor 3 years of High School!

$1,500 pays for 3 years of high school, ensuring that one more student makes it to graduation. Scholarships include school fees, uniforms, transportation, supplies & books.

Sponsor 3 students the 3 years of High School!

Parents shouldn’t have to choose which child deserves an education. Send 3 students through high school. KKIS Scholarships include: inscription fees, books, uniforms and a transportation stippend.

Sponsor 7 students the 3 years of High School!

Really make an impact on a schools graduation rate by helping 7 students graduate. The scholarship includes inscription, books, uniforms (2 shirts) and a transportation stipend for each student.

To learn more about our Scholarship Program, click here.

You would like to start your own fundraising campaign? Click here!


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