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North American Standards stands for education in Playa del Carmen

Posted by Karla Munguia on February 18, 2019
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Matt and Allan, from North American Standards, have been supporting The KKIS Project for 8 years.

Eleven years ago, Matt and Allan came to Playa del Carmen for a vacation and never imagined that they would leave their life behind in the USA.

“We got bitten by the Mayan Madness, like locals say, and that’s why we came back”, Allan.

Being from Boston, Matt and Allan loved the Mexican people and weather, so they chose Playa to start something new and exciting. For three and a half weeks, they drove all the way from Boston to Playa del Carmen with their two dogs.

In August 2008, North American Standards, a Playa del Carmen property management, rental and sales company, was officially open to the public.

Keeping Kids in School is proud to present Matt and Allan, founders of North American Standards and our proud Title Sponsors at Betting on the Future, our annual fundraising event in La Vagabunda Fiesta on March 6th, 2019.

Matt Weatherbee and his words to our community in Playa del Carmen

Matt has a Political Science Degree with minors in Theater and Spanish.

Before arriving to Playa, Matt was Director for 10 years in an important Law Firm in Boston. So with his years of expertise, he was the perfect partner to start a property management company.

“I would not have gotten the job without a university degree. Not only that, I needed to get good grades in order to be able to deliver the type of work expected at a high end law firm. Meaning studying was the key to my success. Working there allowed us to save money to start a business and move to Mexico” Matt said.

“Education is the key to advancement. ย With the acquisition of knowledge one can transcend their upbringing, and help create a life that is both fulfilling and enriching not only for them, but also for their family” Matt.

Allan Lockhart and his advice to young people in Mexico

“If I could go back in time, I would definitely go to University, I know now what I would go for, back then I had no idea, I would go to Medical School” Allan.

He was born and in a very small and conservative town in the woods back in the State of Maine.

“Every year when we went back to school I had new clothes that my Mother bought for me, so when I complained about it, her comment would be: well then, get your own money and buy your own clothes” Allan.

Her mother lent him money, which he used to buy a lawnmower.

“I had clients all over town that would hire me to mow the lawn and I made money to buy my own clothes. That’s when I realized that if you have the right idea, at the right time, and the right place, you can make money” Allan.

Allan kept working as a waiter while going to high school, and when he graduated he decided not to go to University. He chose to work and begun a journey of many jobs, from working as a lab technician, to administrating a care center. He also worked at a fast food company, health club, and his favorite of them all, as a chauffer.

“I had a bucket list job, and one of those jobs was being a chauffer. I was a chauffer for three years and that was probably the most fun job I’ve ever had. I just drove a brand new Cadillac” Allan.

“I didn’t go to University because when I got out of school I stupidly thought that wasn’t that important, that I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, so I joined the military. I was in service for 3 years, from 1960 to 1963” Allan said.

Who are those two men with two dogs?

Matt believes in what he calls “gorilla marketing”, [hitting the ground], so they hired two billboards that definitely caught the attention.

“One client asked around Playa del Carmen what was the name of the property management company on a billboard outside Playacar Fase I. That one with the two guys holding two dogs” Allan recalled in laughter.

Matt and Allan in the billboard back in 2008

It took them 3 years to have credibility, living in a city where people and businesses come and go, they had to be patient.

Why are kids not in school?

Allan couldn’t stop asking around Playa del Carmen why were kids in the streets, and not at school.

“The first thing that hit me in the face like a shovel, was the fact that I’m driving down the street and I’m seeing all these school aged kids playing in the streets” Allan remembers.

“I asked one of our Mexican employees why and her answer to me was: Most of those children are from families where their parents are not educated, they probably they don’t have good jobs and can’t afford to send them to school. They have to buy uniforms and school supplies” Allan.

One thing led to another and they met Gayle Collins, Founder of KKIS.

Title Sponsor Betting on the Future

This year, for our annual fundraising event we will be hosting Betting on the Future, a Casino Night and Carnival Games.

While NAS has been an amazing supporter for each of our 8 fundraisers, this is a first time for them being our Title Sponsor.

“We think KKIS is a great cause and a very honest and transparent organization” Matt.

“We always feel like we have to give back to charity, and KKIS is the best investment. We think it is very, very important that children get educated.” Allan.

We hope to see you Betting on the Future at La Vagabunda Fiesta – March 6th, 2019 – 5:00 P.M.

For more information, tickets and online auction visit our website here.

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