Our Student Support Programs

KKIS Programs offer student support from kindergarten through university. Together, these programs keep kids in school and give them tools to thrive and fundamentally change their lives.

Student Support Programs at The KKIS Project Needing Volunteers or Financial Support

To maximize the number of students that are helped, KKIS relies heavily on volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers with talent in the areas of photography, videography, graphic design, social media & fundraising.


English Conversation Club

During the week, KKIS volunteers work in public high schools (or online during the pandemic) with small groups of students. Our focus is on conversation, pronunciation and simply helping students overcome the shyness which everyone learning a new language experiences. KKIS provides conversation starters and transportation.

Connect with Students

If you’re excited about making a difference in the life of a teenager, speak fluent Spanish and live in Playa del Carmen all year around, there are several opportunities for you to help:

  •  As an Advisor to a small group of high school student
  • As a Mentor to a university student
  • By providing part time work in the field of study for a university student
An overwhelming majority of people in Mexico do not earn a living wage. Financial support to keep kids in school helps ensure higher paying jobs can be secured and financial support will not be needed for the next generation.

In the coming year we aim to:

Scholarship Program

  • Send 100 students with great potential and limited resources to high school
  • Send graduating high school seniors to university on full or partial scholarships

School Supplies

See that 2,000 children recieve Supplies for Success