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The warehouse/garage before deliveries and after

Posted by robinkw on September 24, 2013
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Filled backpacks.

Filled backpacks.

Some photos of where the KKIS Project has been working. Our warehouse is our founder, Gayle’s, garage. We started with empty plastic shelves and slowly filled them with school supplies, refilling often when they emptied and occasionally exchanging things when we realized we had purchased too many of one type notebook. Lots of volunteers helped with this effort in the swealtering heat of July and August.
Each school has a different supply list and each grade differs a little, so each and every backpack was filled for a specific child and his name was attached. The bookkeeping required for this endeavor is enormous and we owe huge thanks to Marilou Young for her service.
We had decided that the kids who received backpacks last year would not receive another but instead a strong plastic bag full of school supplies. We also decided not to give shoes this year thus enabling us to provide school supplies to more chldren. At last count we had provided over 350 children with the supplies they need to tackle another year of education. This was work very well done!
filled packs

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