KKIS Programs offer student support from kindergarten through university. Together, these programs keep kids in school and give them tools to thrive and fundamentally change their lives.

KKIS Programs Needing Volunteers or Financial Support

An overwhelming majority of people in Mexico do not earn a living wage. Financial support to keep kids in school helps ensure higher paying jobs can be secured and financial support will not be needed for the next generation.


Scholarships ensure students graduate with a diploma.

KKIS provides scholarships to public high school and university in the Riviera Maya. Applications for high school scholarships are given out to communities recommended to us by the Secretary of Education.

Applications for university scholarships are available to all graduating KKIS high school scholars.

School Supplies

Receiving school supplies says “staying in school can make dreams come true.”

It takes a full year to raise the money, order, receive and pack the school supplies, but the joy on the faces of the students and the tears in the eyes of the mothers and fathers looking on makes every last challenging minute worth it!

English Conversation Club

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

The KKIS Project offers an English Conversation Club, a volunteer program developed to help improve student pronunciation and confidence.

Community Connections

KKIS facilitates connections for all grade levels from primary through university.

Connection to a supportive community makes a world of difference to students, teachers and administrators.

Make An Impact Today

You can make an impact today with a direct donation, or sign up for monthly contributions that will support education year round.

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