Cristo Rey Graduation for 6th Graders

The first 6th Grade graduation ceremony from the new public school in the Cristo Rey neighborhood took place this week. KKIS Board members were in attendance as were members of Seaside Rotary. They helped distribute certificates of merit for exceptional achievement in...

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CETMAR High School Graduation

Graduation ceremony was held in the Salon Platinum Yucatan del Hotel Grand Riviera Princess for CETMAR (Centro de Estudios Technologicos del Mar #36) high school students July 11, 2016. Five of the graduates were KKIS scholarship students. The kids were dressed to...

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Graduation at DIF School

Today was Graduation of the 10 - 17 School on the DIF Campus in Playa del Carmen where KKIS volunteers have been teaching English for the past year with a computer program donated by Brill Kids. It was hot and there was much waiting for all to be just right. But...

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